Measure Twice, Cut Once.

Dad’s advice: “Measure Twice, Cut Once”

When I was a boy I always helped my dad with the projects that he was working on around the house. He would always measure everything twice. He would look at me and say, “Measure twice. Cut once.” As I grew up I did not always heed his words of wisdom. I would get in a hurry, measure once and find out I was short. Since there is not a board stretcher, I would have to make another cut. Measured once, cut twice. This took twice as long as it should have.

TR GC Project Management app 005Verification of measurements is a critical part of the construction process. Imagine a superintendent for a general contractor is walking around a concrete slab that has been formed but not poured. He would like to quickly and accurately verify the dimension of the slab and check it against the plans before the concrete is poured. Measure twice, cut once.

The superintendent would also like to verify that stub-ups and slab penetrations are in the correct place in the same slab and do it quickly but accurately. Measure twice, cut once.

BuildingPoint Southeast has the Trimble technology and equipment to do the above verifications quickly and accurately with the GNSS system. Global Navigation Satellite Systems are easy to set up and use. You turn the unit on, acquire satellites, get corrections, verify your control points and then start checking points on your hand held controller. It allows you to measure twice, cut once.

The GPS on your phone can get you within 10 feet of your target. GNSS (formerly GPS) utilizes satellites to determine where you are within ¾ of an inch. Hyper-accurate measurements can be done quickly and accurately, just like a superintendent asks for.

GNSS can be used for landscape or hardscape layout, QA/QC for a contractor, curb and gutter layout or identification and correct errors up front.

In the world of professional contractors, time = money. Let BuildingPoint Southeast show you how this state of the art tool can reduce costly rework and help your company save time.

– Scott Mayer, BuildingPoint Southeast
Building Construction Specialist

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