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Site Management – Protect Your Jobsite

Controlling labor costs and securing job sites is a critical aspect of construction projects. However, these processes can often be time-consuming and complicated. With Trimble’s site and workforce management solution, you can increase control, visibility and security at your jobsite.

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CrewSight Opened Doors for Walbridge

100+ year old construction firm gets serious about job site security. When managing a large jobsite, being able to track, manage and document every worker on site is crucial in completing a project successfully. Rick Kinney, Safety Engineer at Walbridge, expressed how site security was their biggest concern for their most recent project located in Boydton, Virginia.


pasted image 0 (1)-minCrewSight™ hardware and software combines a fully-integrated jobsite access control system with a worker database for increased control and site security. The Crewsight platform offers best-in-class site access management, site cameras, labor tracking and access control.

Access Control System

CrewSight can be tied to a secure access portal, like a turnstile.

Trimble CrewLane

Secure your construction site with tough, light, dependable turnstiles and simple, intuitive access control software, today.

Trimble CrewSight Testimonial

With Matt Ogle, Safety Manager at JE Dunn

Controlling labor costs and securing job sites is a critical aspect of construction projects. However, these processes can often be time-consuming and complicated. If you need help keeping up with these tasks, BuildingPoint SouthEast can help.

We offer a construction labor management software that efficiently organizes employee hours and other records. Contractors, payroll administrators and human resources personnel can benefit from this effective method of tracking hours. In addition The Trimble workforce management solution also provides access control and safety to your job site.

Benefits of Implementing a Labor Tracking/Job Site Access System

With a labor tracking and construction job site access control system, you can:

  • Optimize your work planning activities: Pinpoint and analyze trends and identify opportunities for process improvement, which can ultimately lower your project costs. You will also be able to determine any compliance requirements in areas such as hiring, and ensure you're meeting all applicable reporting requirements.
  • Increase worker safety: Job site accidents occur when the crew is tired from working too many hours. Team leaders need to know the whereabouts of all team members when an emergency arises.
  • Lower labor costs and reinvest: By more accurately accounting for labor on the job site and lowering overall labor costs, you save money. When you save that money, you can reinvest in your employees to boost morale and longevity, purchase needed equipment or upgrade equipment, and ensure you're making the most out of your revenue.
Frequently Asked Questions

Workforce Tracking FAQs

Workforce Tracking
Are modular turnstiles required for CrewSight?

No, turnstiles are not required for CrewSight. While turnstiles allow for the most accurate data & secure jobsite, mobile badge readers are also an option if they better suit your cost/jobsite needs.

Who has access to the CrewSight dashboard?

Only workers with the correct credentials provided by the job admin can access the CrewSight dashboard. Users can be added/removed at any time during the duration of the job.

Can you deny job site access if a worker is not up-to-date with safety/compliance?

Yes, you can customize fields within CrewSight to trigger Access/Deny for individual workers, groups, companies, etc.

Will CrewSight notify workers when yearly certifications/documents are due?

Yes, you can set up notifications to be emailed out when a worker's safety/compliance certifications are close to expiring. For example, workers will be notified 2 months before their yearly safety certification will expire.

What is the pricing structure of CrewSight?

CrewSight software is available via a yearly subscription. Jobsite access hardware (turnstiles, handhelds, etc) is available for purchase or rental, whatever best suits your job site/cost needs. Badge Enrollment Station includes everything you need to get started, including 500 badges, badge printer, printer ribbon, webcam, etc.

Is CrewSight approved for government work?

Yes, CrewSight has been approved for use on high-security government sites. CrewSight is currently implemented in airports, federal government sites, data centers, battery plants, infrastructure, etc.

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