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Building Construction Technology Solutions in Maryland

The construction field is home to a wide variety of jobs and applications. Uniting all workers on a project can be challenging with outdated technology. 

BuildingPoint SouthEast is a leading provider of construction field equipment for numerous industries. Our innovative technology simplifies collaboration and planning for all your field teams and office staff. 

Some of our services include: 

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM).
  • Virtual Design and Construction (VDC).
  • 3D scanning.
  • Construction field layout.
  • Estimating/project controls.

We are here to help your team improve its productivity, control costs, manage workloads and create better images for every building. 

Rental Equipment Available in Maryland

If you need to replace a vital piece of equipment or only need it for a short period, we offer flexible rental options. Whether you need construction laser or 3D equipment rentals, you can fulfill your requirements with BuildingPoint SouthEast. View our complete inventory of rental equipment and find the perfect piece for your next task. 

Enhanced Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Solutions

MEP contractors are responsible for a lot of important information. With the constant demands, it can be challenging to keep up with every need, from communication to landscape analysis. Technology from BuildingPoint SouthEast simplifies your workflow with our portfolio of equipment specially designed for MEP contractors.

Our MEP solutions can increase your productivity and streamline your operations. The Trimble MEP layout solution makes it easy to manage workflow, enhance your efficiency and analyze the workspace. Trimble layout solutions include a robotic total station, handheld controller and field layout software to create digital blueprints workers can access anywhere. 

After you create the blueprints, you can communicate updates, implement BIM solutions and eliminate unnecessary reworking. Our MEP solutions are easy to use and help everyone work together on one project, from anywhere. 

Intuitive Software Solutions 

Our software solutions make it easy to collaborate across platforms. Whether you are out in the field or in the office, our accessible software platforms increase communication and give you plenty of options for sharing ideas. 

  • Estimating software: Construction estimating software helps you stay on top of projected costs. You can compare, adjust and track estimates and view and edit blueprints all from one location. 
  • Construction labor tracking: Labor tracking software tracks trends in labor records so you can prevent employee fatigue, which increases overall safety for your workers. 
  • Trimble Connect: Trimble Connect combines file management with live collaboration so everyone on your team can access and view the same files instantly. 

Consider how our different software options can help your team get the most from project files and boost your productivity on every construction project. 

Streamline Your Process With BuildingPoint SouthEast

We understand how demanding the construction field is for MEP engineers. That’s why our solutions are engineered to make every step of the construction process more manageable. We simplify every stage of the project, from planning to construction, and we make it easy to communicate across the board with your team. 

Contact us online for more information about our services, or request a free quote and discover how we can help you enhance your workflow. 

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