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Scan with Confidence with Trimble

Scan with confidence and produce results you can trust. Whether you’re capturing as-builts, performing comprehensive data analysis, new construction or a renovation model, Trimble construction laser scanning solutions empower quick and accurate scanning, registration, and creation of comprehensive deliverables.

All 3D Scanning Field Solutions

Make the most of advanced scanning solutions from Trimble. These products are designed to simplify complex jobs, connecting the digital and physical worlds to keep you moving forward.

Trimble X7 3D Laser Scanner

Add simplicity to your operation with the Trimble X7. This lightweight system optimizes productivity and supplies exhaustive data within minutes. Control this system from your tablet or with the push of a button, using the latest laser scanning technology to scan at 500kHz with a range of up to 80 meters.

Create detailed plans without breaking ground and share your point clouds with clients for progress and status updates. The Trimble X7 has unique 3D scanner accessories to seamlessly enhance your on-the-job performance and help you exceed client expectations.

3D Scanning Software Solutions 

Combine cutting-edge technology with sophisticated software to support your work. 

Trimble RealWorks

The Trimble RealWorks point cloud processing and analysis software puts the finishing touches on your 3D capture process. With top-of-the-line software, your team can easily explore, analyze, manage large data sets and create deliverables. Share access to your workflow with the entire team and export models into Tekla, ShetchUp, AutoCad or Navisworks for quick implementation.

This automated tool was made specifically for point cloud processing, offering the support you need within many applications. 

Trimble FieldLink

Refine your procedures and workflows into a singular, easy-to-use platform with the Trimble FieldLink Office. This software offers an intuitive interface that allows for customization and unique modular feature packs that ensure you have the essential capabilities for all your layout tasks. 

Your team will maintain complete visibility over your 3D models with access to field point attributes, stakeout routines and deviations. FieldLink offers a streamlined data exporting process to desktop applications like RealWorks or CAD. 

Trimble FieldLink is the ideal field layout technology to effectively connect your office to the field, whether scanning wet concrete, excavation lines, property boundaries or underground piping.

What is 3D Laser Scanning?

3D laser scanning is a technology that utilizes lasers to capture highly accurate and detailed three-dimensional representations of physical objects or environments. It helps create precise digital models that can be used in various industries, including construction, architecture, and manufacturing.

What are the Benefits of Laser Scanning?

The benefits of laser scanning include enhanced precision, time savings in data collection, and improved project efficiency. Laser scanning facilitates accurate documentation, minimizes errors in design and construction, and allows for better-informed decision-making throughout a project lifecycle.

Are There Different Types of Laser Scanning?

Yes, there are various types of laser scanning techniques suited for different applications. Common types include terrestrial laser scanning, which is ground-based and captures detailed data of structures or environments; mobile laser scanning, often mounted on vehicles for capturing large areas; and aerial laser scanning, utilizing drones for broader landscape surveys. The choice of laser scanning type depends on the project requirements and the desired level of detail and coverage.

Comparison Guide


Trimble has developed 3D scanning solutions you can trust to meet challenges and swiftly capture, analyze, model, and generate precise deliverables.

Decide what is right for you by comparing the features and software components of Trimble® 3D laser scanning solutions, which boost efficiency in the field and in the office while maintaining optimal performance and accuracy.

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The Trimble TX Series Scanners deliver the highest quality results needed for comprehensive jobsite data collections.


  • Increase field productivity with the fastest, high resolution scans on the market today
  • Confidence in data accuracy, clarity and richness
  • Reliable performance in real-world environments
  • Fast image capture to colorize scans with VISIONTM technology
  • Intuitive and easy to operate

All 3D Scanning Solutions


Check out our range of 3D scanner accessories tailored for your Trimble 3D laser scanner!


3D Scanning FAQs

3D Scanning
When I run a scan or multiple scans, what is the result?

Laser scanners produce a point cloud and each point represents where the laser struck an object and reflected back.

Does the point cloud produced from a Trimble laser scanner require proprietary Trimble software?

No. Point clouds from Trimble laser scanners will work in Revit, AutoCAD, and SketchUp.

Is it hard to learn how to run a laser scanner?

No. Almost anyone with basic computer knowledge can run a laser scanner.

Is a laser scanner expensive?

A laser scanner can do the work of 3 people faster and more accurately. So comparatively it is not expensive.

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