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Improve and extend your layout capabilities – Increase productivity and accuracy in the field, reduce rework and provide easy-to-use, task-based workflows with Trimble's purpose-built hardware and software.

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Field Layout Solutions FAQs

Field Layout Solutions
Do you offer training?

Yes, we have both open classroom and private training classes as well as several useful videos located on our knowledge base.

Do you have rental units?

Yes! Our total stations are available for both short-term and long-term rentals.

Do you offer financing for total stations?

Yes, We offer zero percent financing for 12, 24, or 36 months.

What is the range and accuracy of the RTS series total station?

The RTS 773 has 3″ Angular Accuracy with a radio range of 1,640 – 2,297 ft.

Stay ahead of project and industry changes while improving efficiency with field solutions purpose-built for the entire building construction lifecycle. It's a simpler way to optimize teams and maximize results – No matter how complex the project. Decades of experience in the field gives Trimble unique insight into ways to improve the performance of field teams. From construction to specialty trades like MEP, concrete and more, Trimble field solutions promote improved quality of work. Trimble guides equipment operators to get the job done right the first time. In MEP and other trades, standardized field workflows make it easy to learn and operate sophisticated technology for layout and scanning.

What is a Total Station For Building Layout?

A total station for building layout is a sophisticated surveying instrument that combines electronic theodolite and distance-measuring capabilities. It precisely measures angles and distances, aiding construction professionals in accurately positioning and marking points during the layout of structures.

How Do You Use a Total Station?

To set out a building using a total station, first, establish a reference point, then input design coordinates into the total station. Using the instrument's laser or optical capabilities, professionals can accurately measure angles and distances to mark points on the ground, ensuring precise positioning of structural elements such as foundations, walls, and columns in alignment with the building design.

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