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Trimble License Manager Quick Start Guide

Once any subscription license has been purchased from Building Point or Trimble the user will receive an email from Trimble.

This email will invite the user to create a Trimble ID.

Click HERE for detailed instructions for creating a Trimble ID.

After the Trimble ID is created, the email address that was used for the purchase will receive an invitation to License Manager.

Select the blue “Visit License Manager” icon to enter License Manager. A separate
browser tab will open.

The person whose email was entered in for the purchase will become the License Manager Administration person.

Quick Start Guide_3-1

  1. Under the  Licenses tab on the right column, the user will be able to view subscription license purchases and make assignments to license Users.
  2. The email that was used to enter the subscription purchase will have the administrator's name displayed in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Upon opening License Manager, the first license on the list of the purchase block will automatically have the Administrator name assigned to this license. This can be changed to assign the license to another user.
  4. To begin the license assignment process, the administrator must select  ACCEPT TERMS.

The Administrator must check the box next to “I  accept the terms”  and then select  OK  to accept the terms.

Quick Start Guide_5

After the terms are accepted the  ACTIVATE  tab will appear. The administrator must select  ACTIVATE, to begin subscription activation.

Note: The request to ACCEPT TERMS will only be asked the first time a subscription license is purchased.

Note: Trimble Connect AR + MR and Trimble Connect Business & Business Premium will be automatically activated upon opening License Manager and an export date will be displayed, thus ACCEPTING TERMS and ACTIVATE are not required. 

Note: All licenses will be activated that were purchased on the same order or block will be activated at this time and will have the same expiry date. If the administrator does not want to activate all licenses at the same time and wishes to activate licenses at different times, then make additional orders to split up the purchase.

The administrator will select  ACTIVATE 

Quick Start Guide_7

All licenses in a block will display the same Expiry date. 

Quick Start Guide_8

  1. After the licenses have been activated, the administrator will select the USERS tab on the left to populate users or additional administrators.
  2. Select  CREATE USER  in the upper right corner. 

Quick Start Guide_9-1

The administrator will fill in the new user’s name and email address that is connected to a  Trimble ID.  If the administrator would like the user to be an additional administrator, then the box should be selected to grant this ability.

Quick Start Guide_10

  1. The  ROLE  of each user will be displayed as an owner/administrator or a user.
  2. If the administrator can not see all of the USERS then ensure that the  Rows per page are selected and choose the appropriate number of rows to be displayed.
  3. The Administrator can also use the  Search icon to find users in a lengthy list.

Quick Start Guide_11

  1. After completing the User list, the administrator will return back the  Licenses tab.
  2. To assign licenses to users the administrator will select  ASSIGN USERS.


After selecting  ASSIGN USERS, the purchased subscription license will be displayed.  The administrator will select the desired license to assign. 

The number of purchased licenses will be displayed.  

The administrator will select the User name to make the license assignment.

Upon selecting the desired user the number of purchased licenses will decrease.

The administrator will select ASSIGN USER, in the bottom right corner. 

NOTE:  If there is only one purchased license type available, an error or caution message will appear(see next screenshot) as soon as the administrator selects the user name. 

NOTE: This error/caution will appear before the administrator selects the  ASSIGN USERS  tab, but the license assignment will be completed. 

Quick Start Guide_17

The user name will be displayed by the license and expiry date.  Once the assignment has been completed, a green toast will be displayed with the user's name. 

The user name will be displayed by the license and expiry date.  

Once the assignment has been completed, a green toast will be displayed with the user's name. 

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