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Trimble Field Link – How to fix a drawing scale issue 


When you import an AutoCAD .dwg file the scale does not match your point data layout.


  • The first thing you will want to do is check what “Distance Unit” you are using in Trimble Field Link. 
  1. To do this open the Trimble Field Link software and click the “MORE” menu option in the upper left of the screen.
  2. Next click “JOBS” and “SETTINGS” on the next screen.
  3. You will see “Distance Units” in the bottom left corner of the screen.  If you click the up arrow this will give you a list of Units to select.  Select your units, then maneuver to AutoCAD. 
  • Open your .dwg file in Autodesk AutoCAD. 
  1. Once your drawing file is open maneuver to the command line at the bottom of the software,  type “units” and hit Enter. 
  2. This will then open the “Drawing Units” dialog box.
  3. What matters here is the “Insertion Scale” units.
  4. Click the down arrow and select the units that match the “Distance Units” used in Trimble Field Link. 
  5. Once you have selected your Insertion Scale, click Ok and Save your .dwg file.
  6. Now when you import the drawing file again into your Trimble Field Link Project the scale should match your point data.

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