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Mixed Reality Best Practices, Tips & Tricks and Advanced Features

XR10 (Hardware)

Battery Management

  • Charging Both Devices
    • Short (6 inch) USB-C cable
    • MobiWAN constantly charged
    • Just charge XR10
  • Extending Use with Power Bank
    • Requirements
    • TRY.SRC compatible
    • At least 5V/1.5A 
    • Up to 27W 
  • Negates intrinsic safety
  • Decreases ergonomics
  • Potential for overheating
    • Start at full internal battery
    • Limit to 1.5A

Presenting to Others

  • Wireless Display Adapter
  • HDMI coupler
  • USB wall charger

Trimble HoloTint

  • Improves Hologram Contrast in Bright Environments
  • Photochromatic Lens
    • Automatically Adjusts Based on UV Rays
    • Not Instantaneous
  • Easily Removable


  • Cleaning
    • Keep sensors sensing!
    • Microfiber cloth for visor
      • 70% isopropyl alcohol
    • USB-C cap or can of air
  • Bluetooth Keyboard
    • Quick data input on-site
    • Near touch keyboard is slow
    • Cortana is unreliable

HoloLens Windows (Software)

Images and Videos

  • Snapshot and Recording with Volume Buttons
  • Auto Sync Photos/Videos through OneDrive


  • Always Check for Windows Updates!
  • Clear Out Holograms/Spaces in Settings to Clean Up Device
  • One Handed Home Screen Call Up
  • Screen Share and Keyboard Via iOS App called HoloCapture and HoloKeyboard 

Model Preparation and Organization

Trimble Connect

  • Project Set Up
    • Always create project from MR & AR entitled account!
    • Invite others to the project
    • Fish Bowl
    • Performance/Detail
    • Section Box
    • Turning Off Models/Layers
      • AR App will show you polygon (triangle) count

Models & Layers

  • Where Do You Want Your Time Spent?
  • Layers are Hard to Manage. Models are Easier
  • Break Out Geometry with Large Surfaces
    • Prevents washing out the view
    • Floors, Ceilings, Walls
  • Break Out Geometry Inside/Behind Other Geometry
    • Rebar in Concrete. Pipes in walls. Duct above ceilings
    • By level so you don’t see geometry above/below 
  • Best File Types? DWG / RVT / IFC / NWC?
    • Geometry Color
    • Geometry Transparency
    • Metadata

TRB Files

  • Break out models for MR but bind them in TC Windows to a .TRB for AR viewing
    • Sectioning does not hold, but hiding geometry does
  • Take Advantage of (And Help) Other Trimble Workflows Too!
    • Bring in 2D drawings as DWG
  • Rendering .TRB files
    • FieldLink v6.3 creates a .TRB and caches it  in the models folder
    • DWG text shows differently from the same file

Alignment and Drift

Working Environment and Alignment

  • Importance of Environment Lighting
    • Structured Light Sensors
    • Too much light is as bad as too little light
  • Ideal Working Space from Alignment Point
    • ~150' for XR10 According to White Paper
    • ~30’–45’ from Alignment Point for AR
  • Rotational Alignment is Most Crucial
    • Hardest to achieve accurately
    • Importance of stabilization planes


  • Placing Marker in the Model
    • Place on individual structural model
    • Can bind to other models in TC Windows to a .TRB and scan in AR as well
    • 5 feet high is best practice
    • Don’t place the marker on the floor or slanted surface
  • Printing the Marker
    • Copy and paste a screenshot into your marker PDF
    • Print at 100% Scale (A4 vs Letter Paper Size)
      • Use thick / laminated paper for reliable results
    • Don’t Cut of the Dotted line
      • Minimum space needed to reliably scan the marker
  • MR Marker Improvements Coming Soon!
    • Load model from marker
    • Place model from any marker

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