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Flexible Leasing Program

Learn more about BuildingPoint Southeast's Flexible leasing program

BuildingPoint SouthEast’s FLEXLease program is designed to let you choose the right product solution for your needs AND put you in control of your equipment payment terms – eliminating the stress from purchasing & financing equipment.

Benefits of the FLEXLease Program

THE FLEXibility to…

Purchase the equipment you need at a price you can afford

Make changes to your selected technology solution if your needs change

Keep your payment timeline open ended:

  • Pay for the equipment per the original lease terms
  • Pay off the equipment early at any time during the lease
  • Cancel the lease and return the equipment at any time
  • Upgrade to new technology after 24 months

Include accessories and services you need, including easy application and approval process

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone! If you are looking for a convenient, one stop solution to purchase and finance needed equipment, look no further. Our technology experts can help you select the right equipment for your needs, provide initial training to get you working with your new equipment, and obtain affordable leasing to make your purchase happen quickly and within your budget. Call us today!

Need a shorter-term solution? Check out our rentals for daily, weekly, and monthly rental prices!


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