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When working on a construction project or jobsite, having equipment that you can rely on is critical. Specifically, in terms of construction lasers and levels, BuildingPoint SouthEast carries the highest quality lasers and levels that provide you with detailed, accurate measurements. From pipe lasers to line level lasers and auto-levels, we carry a wide assortment from trusted brands like Spectra Precision and Nikon.

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Does BPSE only carry one type of laser?

No, we carry Rotating Lasers, Grade Lasers, Horizontal / Vertical Lasers, Pipe Lasers, Line & Point Lasers.

What are the differences between a rotating laser and a line laser?

A rotary laser level is an instrument that spins a beam of light fast enough to create a complete 360-degree horizontal or vertical plane. They can be used internally or externally, with a laser receiver. Rotary laser levels are incredibly accurate, this level of precision is difficult to achieve with traditional bubble levels and other manual leveling tools. A cross-line laser uses a prism to deflect the laser in roughly 180 degrees vertically, horizontally, or both. That creates a bright, steady beam that's very easy to see.

Do any of these lasers work with machine control?

Yes, only one of the lasers that we carry works with machine control. The Grade Laser GL700 Series.

Do the lasers work off of batteries or do you charge it?

Both, some of the units come with a rechargeable battery pack and the others you have to use normal C or D batteries.

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