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How accurate is the layout that is being printed?

Because HP SitePrint is being guided by a Trimble robotic total station, you can expect the same accuracy as you would with just the RTS and a prism which is +/- 1/8" accuracy.

What productivity gains can I expect when using a robotic printer?

When compared to a traditional layout with string and a tape measurer, SitePrint is up to 10x more efficient. If you're already using RTS and a prism for layout you'll still see about a 2x improvement in productivity.

How does HP SitePrint go about avoiding obstacles and cliffs?

There are an array of sensors on the front and back of HP SitePrint. An obstacle or cliff is detected when it is about 16" in front of the unit, then it slows down and stops when the obstacle is about 8" away.

What are the different surfaces I can print on?

Because HP is the leader in printing technology, there is a wide array of surfaces (both porous and non-porous) that can be printed on. 8 different types of water and solvent-based inks come in different colors and varying levels of durability.

How much is the ink?

The cost of ink is included in the ongoing usage fee which is calculated based on how much you print. That cost also includes 4G hotspot connectivity, software updates, remote and on-site support, as well as any repairs and maintenance.

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