Estimating Technology Event 2017

Could not attend the Estimating events in Texas, Las Vegas or other far off locations? BuildingPoint Southeast is bringing the technology to the east coast.  We are co-hosting a one day Estimating Technology event with Trimble in Charlotte, NC on Sept. 26th and again in Atlanta, GA on Oct. 3rd.

This one day event is designed to bring you the latest education, best practices and new technology within the pre-construction industry.  Industry leaders will guide you through the many dynamic phases and questions for technology in estimating.  Topics include historical data, technology gadgets, seamless workflows, 3D in estimating, all in this one day event.

Lunch is provided but space is truly limited, come and network with your peers.  Reserve your seat today.


Dates & Locations:

  • September 26th • ABC Carolinas, 610 Minuet Ln., Charlotte NC 28217
  • October 3rd • ABC Georgia, 8975 Roswell Rd., Atlanta GA 30350

9am to 4pm
Fee: $25

Register Here


History Is Making Futures Come True
Discover how others are using their history to win new business with boldness:

  • Build your intellectual property quickly and with minimum investment
  • Closing the loop: An AEC’s cost history is your intellectual property
  • Historical database
  • Smart Categories
  • Cost Modeling
  • Reporting

Standardize: Estimating As A Team, Is It Worth It
Take a look at how other people are utilizing a standardized system to estimating:

  • Standardizing an estimating department, company benefits and industry trends
  • What a standardize estimating system looks like using WinEst
  • Estimate sheet filters
  • Total page filters
  • Standard reports (from filters = EASY button)
  • Custom reports (Word, Excel)
  • Alternates, Value Engineering
  • Filters 7 Reports

GeoSLAM, Better Project Information = Better Bids
Walk and capture data from As Built to leverage in your estimating / bidding process:

  • Quickly capture all existing conditions of a project
  • Use 3D information to truly understand the project’s starting point
  • Build a better bid from better starting information
  • User-friendly system

Takeoffs Are Really Taking Off
Challenges behind today’s Take-off being in a silo with disjointed processes and broken digital connections are the leading contributors to a convoluted normal state:

  • 2D Takeoff
  • 3D Takeoff
  • What is VDC and how it can speed up your takeoff process

BIM In Estimating: How To Really Get My Money’s Worth
Dive into the workflow using what you have to save time and still complete a high-quality estimate:

  • Work with models of all shapes, sizes and quality
  • Leverage technology to extract the gold from a model you did not even create
  • Creating a workflow that includes models is possible and time saving – concrete, masonry, framing, or self-perform


Questions?  Contact us at   │   (844) 784-3494


Steve Watt
Trimble, Estimating Segment Manager for Estimating & Cost Planning
Steve Watt has been involved in providing software business solutions for the AEC Industry for over 30 years. Previously, he was the President and CEO of WinEstimator, Inc, a cost estimating and cost modeling software provider for commercial, industrial, residential, public works, and specialty markets.  He has spoken at various AEC conferences, delivered industry keynotes and led educational forums. Most recently a number of AEC trade magazines have published Watt’s case studies and white papers focused on BIM and conceptual estimating.

Jonathan Stoner
Trimble, Solutions Engineer
After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from Northern Kentucky University in 2008 Jonathan began estimating and project management work for various contractors ranging in trade from concrete, to framing & drywall, to site utilities & earthwork. He joined Trimble in 2015 as a Solutions Engineer working with contractors who are looking for the right estimating solutions.

Chad Thelin
Trimble, Solutions Engineer
Chad is a technical expert in many of Trimble’s software solutions, with a primary focus on Vico Office, GCEstimator Suite (estimating workflow integration between Vico and WinEst), and Trimble Connect.  His extensive background in the construction industry and more specifically, his 10 years as a VDC/BIM Manager adds perspective to the efficiencies these solutions can provide customers within the industry.

Ryan Pastor
BuildingPoint Southeast, VDC Services Manager
Ryan is an innovator who has a passion for utilizing technology in order to help clients succeed.  He strives for a detailed understanding of what clients need and then employs the right tools and services to help clients realize the benefits of BIM on their bottom line. Ryan graduated from Clemson University with a BS in Construction Science & Management and has over 6 years of BIM/VDC experience in the construction industry.

Eric Fines
BuildingPoint Southeast, Autodesk Application Eng., 3D Scanning Services
Eric has 20 year’s experience working with CAD and Building Information Modeling (BIM).  Prior to BuildingPoint Southeast he was a BIM Manager for a Structural Engineering firm where he took a company with 20+ years of 2D drawings into the 3D world with Autodesk Revit, moving the company from 100% 2D drawings to 92% 3D projects.  Now with Building Point Southeast, Eric provides training and support for Autodesk products and 3D Scanning.

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