Project Controls

Collaborate with stakeholders on all projects.

Effective project management in the construction industry requires the ability to keep track of multiple teams to ensure that all aspects of the project remain on track. It is also critical to find ways to keep costs under control. These days, the use of intuitive, user-friendly construction project management software is an absolute necessity for keeping projects on schedule and within budget.

BuildingPoint SouthEast's technology suite includes the leading construction project management solutions for AEC firms, specialty and high-tech trades in NC, SC, GA, VA and Washington, D.C., providing a complete system for managing project information from the field to the back office. We feature the latest products from Trimble, a recognized leader in the development of software solutions for construction industry applications.

BuildingPoint SouthEast Offers Fully Supported Construction Project Management Software Solutions

In addition to offering the most innovative construction software products to our NC, SC, GA, VA and Washington, D.C. customer base, we provide access to reliable technical support and training. You will receive all software upgrades and maintenance releases as soon as they are available. Knowledgeable support analysts are also available by phone or email if you need assistance. 

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