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A project's success is dependent upon the level of planning that has taken place. Controlling factors like scheduling and cost will lead to a thorough project plan that creates a successful project. BuildingPoint SouthEast has construction project management solutions for contractors and other project stakeholders.

Collaborate With Stakeholders on All Projects  

Effective project management in the construction industry requires the ability to keep track of multiple teams to ensure that all aspects of the project remain on schedule. It is also critical to find ways to keep costs under control. These days, the use of intuitive, user-friendly construction project management software is an absolute necessity for keeping projects on schedule and within budget.

BuildingPoint SouthEast's technology suite includes the leading construction project management solutions for AEC firms, specialty and high-tech trades in NC, SC, GA, VA, MD and Washington, D.C., providing a complete system for managing project information from the field to the back office. We feature the latest products from Trimble, a recognized leader in the development of software solutions for construction industry applications.

What Is Project Management Software?  

Project controls are a form of project management that concerns the procedures, tools and resources used for monitoring, planning and controlling the project over time. Project controls consist of several activities:

  • Align the project to the company's goals
  • Create a risk management plan
  • Collaborate on project schedules
  • Forecast outcomes based on specific actions
  • Develop a cost management plan
  • Estimate the project's budget and schedule
  • Assess feedback

Project controls will help you assess all the factors that might affect cost and scheduling so that your business can complete projects under budget and on time. These tools measure the project status, forecast likely outcomes and improve the project's performance to ensure positive outcomes.

Advantages of Project Controls for Construction Management  

Construction management is a key part of project success, as assessing various critical factors will improve the chances for your business to do well. With project management software, you will gain several benefits, including the ability to:

  • Take corrective action: Project controls alert the stakeholders about potential issues and provide the opportunity to make changes and improve the project's trajectory.
  • Anticipate the unexpected: Almost every project will experience unanticipated delays, costs and other circumstances that hinder progress. Project controls will anticipate and resolve these issues in advance to keep activities running smoothly.
  • Stay aligned to plans: For many construction projects — especially those that are large scale with many aspects to consider — it can be difficult to keep the agenda aligned to the original plans. Controlling project factors will ensure everything stays on track.

Positions That Use Project Controls  

Project management software is useful for many roles in the project's life cycle. The two roles that will use these controls the most are:

  • Project controller: Project controllers focus on the cost and scheduling of the project. This program will keep the project controllers updated on the project status and issues. These updates provide valuable data the project controllers need to make strategic decisions about project resources and goals.
  • Project manager: Project managers overlook the people, processes and outcomes of projects, emphasizing the quality and scope. Since project controls are integrated with project management, the project controller will report changes to a project manager. The project manager will want to know the causes of and potential fixes for the problems the project is having. The project manager may be collaborating on one or a portfolio of projects. Technology for project controls will help with both of these aspects.

Some other positions that may use construction project management tools include:

  • Project team
  • Technical team
  • Procurement team
  • Construction manager
  • Finance team
  • Vendor

BuildingPoint SouthEast Offers Fully Supported Construction Project Management Software Solutions

BuildingPoint SouthEast offers several construction management products, including:

  • ProjectSight: ProjectSight is a project control tool that enhances collaboration across teams so that all parties understand the project goals and needs.
  • Trimble Connect: Trimble Connect allows operators, builders and designers to collaborate on project information. They can view files and manage tasks, all from one program.
  • Prolog: Prolog is a program that increases project efficiency while reducing expenses by enabling users to view information from anywhere.

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