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Collaborate with stakeholders on all projects.

Effective project management in the construction industry requires the ability to keep track of multiple teams to ensure that all aspects of the project remain on track. It is also critical to find ways to keep costs under control. These days, the use of intuitive, user-friendly construction project management software is an absolute necessity for keeping projects on schedule and within budget.

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We’re Your Source for Construction Project Management Software

BuildingPoint SouthEast’s technology suite includes the leading construction project management solutions for AEC firms, specialty and high-tech trades in NC, SC, GA, VA and Washington, D.C., providing a complete system for managing project information from the field to the back office. We feature the latest products from Trimble, a recognized leader in the development of software solutions for construction industry applications.

Trimble Prolog Project Sight and other software products are designed by construction professionals, for construction professionals, to help them manage construction costs, scope and schedules, and to aid project teams, either in the field or office, in successfully delivering projects.

Our Trimble construction project management software offerings include:

  • Trimble Prolog ProjectSight: ProjectSight is a new and highly effective collaboration tool built around the most important key element of any construction plan: drawings and models. Identical user interface for office and field provides a simple and short learning curve. Whether in the office or mobile, on a keyboard or touch screen, tablet or smartphone, Trimble’s ProjectSight is what you need for 2D, 3D and Project Controls. You’ll also get the security you need, and the ability to coordinate with those involved and communicate with everyone from one single program.
  • Trimble GC Manager Suite (Prolog): GC Manager Suite is the three-prong punch for Prolog. The combination of Prolog Manager, Converge and Mobile provides tools for each role of the project management team: Administrators, Daily Users and Field Operatives. GC Manager Suite contains the traditional features expected and needed for today’s managers, with added depth of true cost controls, purchasing, material tracking and more, all of which can be tailored to their unique work culture, project management processes and users. Barcodes and RFIDs may be used to instantly identify and locate materials in the field with the ability to link to submittals. GC Manager suite is available “out of the box,” or is configurable and customizable to allow seamless integration with other external systems. AEC, Specialty Contractor, Survey and anyone needing insight into a project, big or small, can leverage the efficiencies gained from either a local internal server-based solution or web-based browser access solution, online or offline. The power is in GC Manager Suite.
  • Trimble Connect: Trimble Connect enhances collaboration among project team members by simplifying the exchange of files and other relevant project data. You’ll be able to upload and share 3D and 2D documentation in multiple formats. Connect construction project management software also allows you to assign tasks to team members and easily manage your own tasks and responsibilities. Direct integration with Revit, Tekla and SketchUp provides seamless model saving, sharing directly from the design program. Trimble Connect’s built-in viewer provides even the novice access to model viewing, interaction and collaboration. Security for the project, file folder or file is easily controlled, letting you allow or repeal access quickly to isolated items or globally to the projects. This cloud-based technology is designed to allow you to get up and running quickly, without the need for IT department intervention.

BuildingPoint SouthEast Offers Fully Supported Construction Project Management Software Solutions

In addition to offering the most innovative construction software products to our NC, SC, GA, VA and Washington, D.C. customer base, we provide access to reliable technical support and training. You will receive all software upgrades and maintenance releases as soon as they are available. Knowledgeable support analysts are also available by phone or email if you need assistance.

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