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Building Construction Technology Solutions in Augusta, GA

A construction process has many layers that require special attention to detail, from the engineering and design phase to the final step in the project. High-quality construction technology solutions can help your Augusta business take automation to the next level while saving time and energy for your workforce.

BuildingPoint SouthEast offers a collection of services curated to meet the technology needs of contractors with remote operations tools like robotic total stations, construction field layout tools and much more. Our wide variety of services include:

  • Project controls/estimations.
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM).
  • 3D reality capture.
  • 3D laser scanning equipment.
  • Construction field layout tools.
  • Virtual Design and Construction (VDC).

Construction Rental Equipment and Repair Options

BuildingPoint SouthEast provides our customers with rental and repair services. We focus on offering you service that can give you peace of mind with boosted productivity, lower budgets and superior team communication.

Our extensive rental options offer several benefits, including:

  • Flexible time frames: We offer daily, weekly and monthly options for construction layout rentals in Augusta. Our team has a solution when you need a piece of equipment during an emergency repair or want special gear for a temporary assignment.
  • Affordability: BuildingPoint SouthEast gives affordable rates, so it’s easy to get the equipment you need when it matters most.
  • Wide inventory: Our team provides a comprehensive inventory of rental machines, including popular options like 3D laser scanning equipment, robotic total stations and construction laser rentals.

We also offer routine maintenance services to extend the useful life of your equipment. The technician team will work with you through periodic tune-ups to ensure your gear runs smoothly over time. Our comprehensive maintenance services can get you back up and running to maximize uptime.

BIM Solutions for Augusta Businesses

BuildingPoint SouthEast offers a host of BIM services like consulting, conceptual modeling, business development support, model quality reviews and more. Our focus is to build collaboration specialists like engineers and mechanics as they manage and store information across projects. These technology solutions can help your team stay focused and organize from a project’s inception to the final product.

MEP System Solutions

Our team offers mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) Trimble Layout system services that can revolutionize communication and accuracy for Augusta contractors. Our system includes a robotic total station, handheld controller and field layout software. These devices allow MEP contractors to catch errors before they occur with detailed blueprint scanning for electrical and plumbing projects.

The main benefits of Trimble equipment include:

  • High-performance: Overcome information silos and keep all of the professionals on your job up-to-date with a single hub for project updates and assignments.
  • Clear communication: Trimble takes MEP contractors into the next generation of efficiency with cloud technology. Workers in the office and out in the field can stay connected in real time to monitor project changes and limit confusion.
  • Efficient workflow: Live feeds and new developments allow contractors to track, schedule and streamline their projects in an organized, efficient system.

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BuildingPoint SouthEast believes in creating innovative construction technology designed to optimize collaboration and design for contractors. Our surveying equipment can help construction businesses of all sizes level up their operations with efficiency and performance.

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