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Building Construction Technology Solutions in Norfolk, Virginia

Construction industry workers rely heavily on effective communication, planning and preparation to ensure optimal performance. Building construction technologies have become key resources in helping these individuals complete tasks as efficiently as possible.

At BuildingPoint SouthEast, we develop innovative construction technologies in Norfolk, giving designers, builders and contractors the tools they need to improve workloads and boost efficiency.

Norfolk Construction Rental Equipment

If you’re preparing to take on a short-term project or need to replace a broken machine, you can fulfill your equipment requirements by investing in construction rental equipment. Our Norfolk rental inventory includes a comprehensive assortment of machines designed to streamline workloads while cutting down on communication and planning times. Our construction rental solutions are available at competitive rates in daily, weekly and monthly terms that you can choose from based on your needs.

Advanced equipment solutions you can rent from us include:

  • Laser levels
  • Mobile tablets
  • Data collectors
  • Global navigation satellite system (GNSS) antennas
  • Construction robotic total stations
  • Three-dimensional laser scanners
  • 3D reality capture tools

MEP Services in Norfolk

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) contractors are responsible for estimating, planning and preparing for construction projects. MEP solutions improve this process by preventing electrical and plumbing overlap and converting building layout elements into a single design.

When you use our Trimble MEP solutions, you can facilitate the construction process by creating easy-to-interpret plans and clear visuals to keep operations moving and prevent complications.

Our MEP solutions include:

  • A handheld controller
  • A robotic total station
  • Field layout software

Norfolk BIM Services

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of creating and storing data throughout a construction project, including 2D sketches, 3D and 4D models, blueprints and more. Managing this information is vital for keeping engineers, builders and designers in the loop with any project updates.

The experts at BuildingPoint SouthEast can help you create a thorough project model that facilitates greater accuracy and clarity while minimizing construction mistakes. Our BIM services in Norfolk include the following:

  • Consulting
  • Model quality reviews
  • Conceptual modeling
  • Business development support

Construction Technology Repairs and Maintenance

Your construction technologies will operate better and last longer when you implement the proper upkeep procedures. BuildingPoint SouthEast offers maintenance and repair services that let you call our expert technicians to employ the fixes needed for smooth and efficient total station or field layout tool operation. We’ll also pinpoint and resolve any issues that may lead to costly repairs in the future.

You can promote reliable, long-lasting machine operation by keeping your technological resources calibrated, cleaned and upgraded with the newest software through booking annual tuneups with certified professionals.

Advantages of Trimble Building Construction Technologies Solutions

You can set your business apart from competitors with the benefits of Trimble construction solutions:

  • Improved performance: Trimble technologies enable users to access and update plans on a single system while eliminating progress gaps.
  • Enhanced communication: With cloud-based storage solutions, you can improve communication by allowing workers to easily transfer new information and stay on top of changes.
  • Simplified construction: Trimble uses advanced technologies that simplify construction by enabling users to combine all teams and projects into a single package.

Invest in Construction Technology in Norfolk at BuildingPoint SouthEast

You can streamline your construction projects with technologies and services from BuildingPoint SouthEast. We’re dedicated to helping contractors complete outstanding projects using our superior technologies, knowledge and support.

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