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Building Construction Technology Solutions in Charlottesville, Virginia

The construction industry has become heavily reliant on technology to improve construction planning, communication and performance. You can secure building construction technology solutions for your Charlottesville job site at BuildingPoint SouthEast. We provide advanced technologies that enable builders, contractors and designers to increase efficiency through improved workflows.

Find Construction Rental Equipment in Charlottesville

If you need a temporary equipment solution for an upcoming project, consider investing in our construction rental equipment for the Charlottesville market. We have an extensive inventory of rental solutions designed to make planning, communication and workloads more efficient than ever. You can choose from our daily, weekly or monthly rental terms to secure the most affordable and convenient rates for your company.

Some of the many rental solutions we have to offer include:

  • 3D laser scanners
  • Data collectors
  • Global navigation satellite system (GNSS) antennas
  • Pipe lasers
  • 3D reality capture tools
  • Mobile tablets
  • Construction robotic total stations
  • Laser levels

Our Charlottesville MEP Services

As a mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) contractor, your duties include undertaking construction project plans, estimations and preparation. With MEP construction technologies, you can streamline these operations by transmitting aspects of your building layout into one comprehensive design.

Our Trimble MEP solutions provide contractors with visually clear, user-friendly plans that separate electrical and plumbing work to prevent harmful overlap. Trimble layout technologies feature the following components:

  • Field layout software
  • A handheld controller
  • A robotic total station

BIM Services in Charlottesville

The process of generating and depositing data before, during and after a construction project is known as Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM data can include 3D and 4D models, blueprints, and 2D sketches. It’s vital that this information is adequately managed to ensure that designers, builders and engineers stay up to date with all project modifications.

We offer BIM services to Charlottesville customers, helping them create comprehensive construction project models that improve clarity and accuracy while reducing errors. You can invest in any of the following services:

  • Conceptual modeling
  • Model quality reviews
  • Business development support
  • Consulting

Construction Technology Maintenance and Repairs

The key to getting the most use out of your construction technologies is enforcing the proper maintenance. You can minimize project complications and increase your equipment’s service life when you book maintenance and repair services from BuildingPoint SouthEast. Our team of qualified technicians has the skills and knowledge needed to identify and fix any issues to ensure smooth operation and prevent costly repairs.

Be sure to schedule annual tune-ups with a Trimble Certified Layout Instrument Service Provider, keep your software updated and calibrate your technologies to keep your equipment working at its best.

Benefits of Building Construction Technologies

Some of the many benefits of our Trimble construction equipment include:

  • Simplified construction: You can use new and improved technologies to simplify your construction tasks by combining teams and projects into one package.
  • Improved performance: Our construction solutions allow users to view and adjust plans through one program to improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Enhanced communication: Because Trimble field layout equipment allows workers to transfer information and stay up to date on changes, it facilitates better communication.

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You can maximize construction efficiency and performance with building construction technology solutions from BuildingPoint SouthEast. We’re committed to assisting contractors with our industry expertise, superior technologies and unbeatable customer service.

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