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CrewSight specializes in jobsite access control and workforce management software for construction.

CrewSight software has been developed for construction to combine a jobsite access control system with a real-time worker database, to improve security, productivity, safety and compliance on site.

Manage site access and your workforce registry via online portal and mobile app, for total visibility. Create automated reports and streamline workforce communication with broadcast texts and emails in the office or mobile, with the added benefit of reducing manual, paper-based processes.

Why CrewSite?

  • Manage jobsite access control/authorized entry
  • Link license expirations to access control and limit liability
  • Track and manage time and attendance, in real-time
  • Create simpler compliance reports
  • Secure jobsite with portable, modular turnstiles
  • Access real-time workforce dynamics
  • Receive automated reports by email or text
Access Control/Security

Ensure only approved individuals have access to your job site and track accurate daily headcount values. Receive live notifications of unauthorized entry attempts.

Workforce Management/Productivity

Free up health, security, compliance, safety, tracking and training resources for your highest-value work. Reduce paperwork and human error by automating common security and health and safety management tasks. Track productivity through real-time data.


Document emergency contact information digitally and send safety alerts in seconds. Ensure only qualified workers are permitted on site and create a safer environment for everyone. Organize your workforce data to facilitate compliance with government and owner mandates. 

Key Features & Benefits

  • Mobile App
  • Web-Based Software
  • Role-Based Security
  • Passive ID Badges
  • Turnstile Controls
  • Excel Reports
  • Vehicle Gates
  • Custom Fields
  • Handheld Devices
  • Unique ID Badges
  • Configurable Setup
  • Approved for Government Work

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