Construction 3D Scanning


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Easily capture existing condition data for accurate adaptive reuse and renovation construction planning and design.

3D Laser scanning is evolving into a technology with compelling applications for both new construction and renovations, retrofits and additions. Using the power of big data computing, you can now slice through point clouds to produce drawings, transform point clouds to 3D scalable diagrams and even monitor steel deflection. You can also scan a floor for level and make the needed adjustments before interior framing.

BuildingPoint SouthEast: Your Single Source for Trimble Laser Systems

As an authorized Trimble distributor, BuildingPoint SouthEast gives you complete access to the best 3D scanning equipment and software in NC, SC, GA, VA and the Washington, D.C. area. Our Trimble 3D laser scanner lineup will allow you to quickly capture all geospatially relevant information and use it to create 3D models to facilitate design or more effectively coordinate the construction process.

Our Trimble 3D scanning product inventory includes:

  • TX6 Laser Scanner: This affordable laser scanner provides lightning-fast collection of 3D data over its full measurement range. The TX6 is the ideal choice for applications such as BIM/VDC, preservation and restoration projects, deformation monitoring, plant and industrial measurement and public safety and forensics.
  • TX8 Laser Scanner: Designed for the most challenging BIM applications, the TX8 combines speed, range and precision in one flexible, easy-to-use 3D scanning device. It’s the perfect scanning solution for applications such as civil engineering, architecture and design, mining and quarries and many others.
  • EdgeWise Software: Edgewise software is an intuitive, intelligent modeling and analysis tool that can easily adapt to the unique scanning requirements of each project. Use Edgewise to increase speed and accuracy for applications such as extracting piping conduit and structural beams.
  • RealWorks Software: RealWorks 3D laser scanning software allows you to manage process and analyze large datasets with greater speed and accuracy. Use RealWorks to quickly assess the quality of your targets and generate registration reports, and even publish self-contained project packages.
  • DPI-8: This portable, handheld scanning device allows you to easily capture detailed project data at the jobsite. Get instant access to dimensional, measurable and shareable datasets that will improve collaboration between field and office personnel. The DPI-8 enables simple, one-handed operation and does not require extensive training or technical expertise.

Take a Closer Look at Construction 3D Scanners

Browse our current inventory of construction 3D laser scanning equipment and software for NC, SC, GA, VA and Washington, D.C. companies and feel free to contact us for additional product, pricing and 3D laser scanner rental equipment information.