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Trimble X9 3D Laser Scanner

Versatile advanced scanning and imaging you can depend on.

The Trimble® X9 3D laser scanning system expands on the industry-proven Trimble X7This system combines proven technological innovations with increased speed, range, and accuracy to boost efficiency and provide confidence in the field. Capture reality in minutes for a job done right the first time.

Trimble X9_Field Use 8


Applications & Specs

  • Range: 0.6 m - 150 m
  • Max Speed: 1000 kHz
  • Scan Duration: 2 min - 6 min
  • Imaging: 3 x 10 MP
  • Weight (including battery): 6kg
  • Calibration: Automatic Calibration
  • Angular Accuracy: 16"
  • Field Software: Trimble FieldLink
  • Office Software: Trimble FieldLink Office

Key Features & Benefits

  • Simple and efficient workflows
  • Smart auto-calibration and self-leveling
  • Durable, compact, and lightweight with a backpack for easy transport
  • Trimble FieldLink software to easily manage and validate projects in the field with auto-registration 
  • Long range with accuracy and data quality
  • High sensitivity to capture difficult dark and shiny surfaces
  • High-speed scanning to reduce scan times and effectively increase scan density
  • Automatic registration, refinement, and report
  • Laser pointed for georeferencing and single-point measurements
  • IP55 rating and wide operating temperature range for demanding environments
  • Backed by a 2-year standard warranty
  • Per day $1,050
  • Per week $3,400
  • Per month $6,800

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