Work smarter, not harder.

After the economic downturn in a 2009 – 2011, most companies are running lean operations. The employees on staff usually have more than one function within the company and therefore their responsibilities and workloads have increased.  Even though the construction industry has seen a jump in business growth, companies can be hesitant to add more staff to the payroll or take valuable time to get the right talent.

At BuildingPoint SouthEast, we understand these challenges and have the solutions to help companies improve efficiency and increase profit.  Our technology focuses on solving construction related struggles.  Recently, a residential customer made the comment, “with the robotic total station, I can lay out three house slabs in one day. Without it, I can only lay out one house slab in a day.” A commercial drywall contractor stated, “With a tape measure and a string line, two men can lay out 100+ points in an eight hour shift.  With a robotic total station, you can lay out 300+ points in an eight hour shift.”download

The right equipment and technology makes a difference.  It can help you work smarter.  See what your return on investment can be with the Construction Layout ROI Calculator.



Scott Mayer, Building Construction Specialist


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