We Have Always Done It This Way

tx8 for bp scanning

Maybe one day the phrase, “We have always done it this way” will be as obsolete as the Beta VCR.

I recently came across an interesting quote from Big Think.  It states, “The doubling of computer processing speed every 18 months, known as Moore’s Law, is just one manifestation of the greater trend that all technological change occurs at an exponential rate.”  Just think how far we have come since the beginning of the 21st century.  From searching all over town for a Hot Spot to now having your own Hot Spot on your cell phone, technology has come a long way. Customers understand that technology is everywhere in the construction industry, yet you still hear the words, “Well, we have always done it this way.”

Building construction technology can help us to be more efficient, more accurate and multiply our workforce.  Trimble Robotic Total Stations, Rapid Positioning Systems and Laser Scanners can benefit you and your team.  It takes an investment in time, technology and money. Yes, the upfront costs can seem intimidating but think of the long term or life cycle benefits of your technology purchase. I remember buying our first VCR for $1,500.  I bought a second VCR for $300 2 years later.  The price of technology declines as it becomes more commonplace.   Maybe one day the phrase, “We have always done it this way” will be as obsolete as the Beta VCR.

– Scott Mayer, BuildingPoint Southeast
Building Construction Specialist

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