Trimble X7 3D Laser Scanner

Staying up-to-date with site changes and progress is essential for completing your construction project on time. A 3D laser scanner for surveying is a quick and efficient choice for any job site. Whether you're plotting new terrain or reporting updates, the Trimble X7 is here to streamline the process and give you on-site data wherever you are.

BuildingPoint SouthEast provides quality construction equipment to maximize productivity. With our quality materials and software, you can get more done each day while on a job site. Discover how the new Trimble X7 can improve your processes and deliver consistent results from start to finish.

   3D Laser Scanning Built With Constructible Workflows in Mind   

Extend your BIM workflows and precisely capture accurate as-built conditions with the Trimble X7 3D laser scanner powered by Trimble Field. The Trimble high-speed 3D laser scanning system includes new innovations to simplify adoption, increase efficiency and provide confidence in the field. Increase productivity with fast, high-quality scanning combined with Trimble Field Link construction software.

3D laser scanning changes the way construction sites operate. Finding a 3D laser scanner for construction work can streamline your entire process. The Trimble X7 is:

  • Simple: Manage your X7 with the same easy-to-use software as your layout process, Trimble Field Link, while also viewing scan data immediately in the field.
  • Accurate: View scan, model, and layout data together in real-time to compare with actual field conditions.
  • Construction-ready: With in-field registration, you can leave the job site with a registered point cloud aligned to our constructible model and export data to your preferred CAD program.
  • Collaborative:Use Section View exports to send only the data you need to project stakeholders.
  • Efficient: This is the first 3D scanner to provide an auto-calibration routine to ensure data accuracy, eliminate downtime from annual calibration service and provide a lower overall cost of ownership

Trimble Laser Scanner Details   

The Trimble X7 uses the most recent laser technology, making it easy to create 3D models. Technical specifications include:

  • Scanning speed: Up to 500kHz
  • Scan duration: Fastest 1 minute 34 seconds without images, 2 minutes 34 seconds with images
  • Range: 0.6m - 80m
  • Range accuracy: 2mm
  • Range principle: High speed, digital time-of-flight distance measurement

Simple, Smart and Professional: Benefits of the Trimble X7  

The Trimble X7 offers multiple benefits for construction site operators. Compared to traditional surveying methods, you can capture comprehensive data rapidly. Laser scanning handles all startup processes and transitions for you by replacing manual data entry. Set up your Trimble laser device, capture multiple scans and access your 3D model within minutes.

Other advantages to the Trimble X7 include:

  • A compact and lightweight body for easy transport and mobility.
  • Automated, survey-grade self-leveling.
  • Flexible operation with a tablet or one-button workflow.
  • High sensitivity time-of-flight EDM to effectively capture dark and reflective surfaces.
  • Cost-effective solutions that allow you to create detailed plans before breaking ground.

With the Trimble X7, you can create digital plots and scan physical objects to plan your construction project. You can transfer your point clouds to your clients with ease to share your plans, progress and updates.

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Applications and On-Site Uses  

With 3D laser scanning, you can accomplish multiple jobs on any construction site. Some applications for the Trimble X7 include: 

Virtual Design

Before you get started on your project, you can create 3D designs within the Trimble software. After scanning the spatial data and uploading it to the cloud point, you can plan around the environment, compare materials and see how your design would stand before beginning. 

Predesign Engineering

With predesign engineering, you can calculate design features and costs before beginning the project. Using an online 3D model makes it simple for engineers, designers and construction managers to work from the same software from different access points. 

Geospatial Data Collection  

3D scanning considers geographical features. You can access detailed measurements, elevation changes and other geospatial data to form a clear site image. If you want to share this data with your client, they will better perceive the project based on the existing space.

Clash Detection

Finding potential clashes can save you time and money before you begin. When building an addition or working close to another building, a Trimble laser scanner helps you plan for space limitations. You can also avoid any liabilities and prevent problems before they happen.

Enhance Your Performance With Help From BuildingPoint Southeast

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We offer a 1-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty on our field measuring products and services. Our team also provides training courses and materials, and we match competitor's prices to make sure you get the best deal available.

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