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Engineered and manufactured by the organization that introduced the first robotic total station back in 1990, the Trimble RTS series of Robotic Total Stations was designed specifically to meet the needs of building contractors. Because of this, the RTS Series significantly increases accuracy, reliability and productivity based on the unique applications and workflows of construction. 

Combined with Trimble Field Link, the Trimble RTS offers much more than one-person layout and as-built measurements. Trimble Field Link allows contractors to visualize 3D models in the field, generate field reports and even perform a complete in-field measurement and analysis of floor flatness.

Each of your field teams has different needs. Your outfit may be larger or smaller than others in the area and your needs are certainly unique. If you're looking for top of the line robotic total stations, effective solutions like rapid positioning systems or another solution, we can help with that.


Key Features and Benefits

• One-person operation
• Easy-to-follow user interface
• Data storage and built-in checks for all layout functions
• Rugged design
• Maximum flexibility and cost
• Reduced labor costs
• Shortens learning curve and faster operation
• Withstands tough jobsite conditions


• Establish project control
• Checking or tying in to property boundaries
• Layout of excavation lines
• Layout of concrete forms and anchor bolts
• Layout of interior framing
• As-built checks
• Layout of hangers, sleeves and underground pipe
• Light topographical measurements

The Benefits of Field Layout Equipment  

Robotic total stations allow you to automate tasks on your job site with ease. Through the use of robotic total stations, you can get faster and more accurate access to data and improve your workforce's collaboration with real-time insights. Keep down your construction costs and eliminate the need for rework with field layout equipment from Trimble. 

New, innovative field layout equipment is perfect for establishing project control and ensuring that your crew is on the right path as you're building. You'll be able to review property boundaries, excavation lines and interior framing as you go without having to manually check the boundaries every time. With field layout equipment from Trimble, you can reduce your labor costs while getting more accurate projections and measurements.

RTS Products From BuildingPoint Southeast  

At BuildingPoint Southeast, we keep a selection of Trimble RTS products for your big and small projects alike. We offer the following RTSs: 

  • RTS573: The Trimble RTS573 helps you increase your efficiency when working in general construction, concrete and MEP. The Trimble RTS Series offers site-specific functionality modes and is optimized for one-person operation so you can perform all your tasks quickly and efficiently. The RTS573 is significantly more efficient than conventional mechanical systems. 
  • RTS673: The Trimble RTS673 combines the power of the RTS573 with increased range and reflectivity. Its easy-to-follow user interface allows for quick, intuitive operation, while its rugged design allows it to withstand the most demanding job sites. 
  • RTS773: The Trimble RTS773 features an integrated camera with a telescope view you can access remotely through Trimble Tablets and Trimble Field Links. This feature allows you to document locations from anywhere and get instant photo documentation on your as-built locations. The Trimble RTS773 is designed with maximum quality in mind and can be operated remotely using Trimble Field Link Software. 
  • RTS873: The Trimble RTS873 incorporates a new auto-focus laser that allows you to collect layout field points more easily than a standard eyepiece would. This robotic total station is ideal for interior contractors, offering 3-inch angle measurement accuracy with optimum field performance. You can remotely view your job site for the most up-to-date information with the RTS873 and the Trimble Field Link and Trimble Tablet. 
  • RTS600: The Trimble RPT600 layout station allows for quick common building layouts and as-built measurements. Each RPT6000 can find positions and measure distances with ease to help you eliminate busy work and avoid the need for rework. The RPT600 works with Trimble Field Link 2D to give you guided workflows that run on your standard tablet computer. The system's green lasers point exactly where you need to see with precision and accuracy. 

Field Layout Tools From BuildingPoint Southeast  

BuildingPoint Southeast specializes in bridging the gap between your build site, office and field personnel so your construction projects can proceed flawlessly. We give you the equipment necessary to increase productivity and decrease rework time. To learn more about our line of Trimble products, contact us today

Construction Layout Equipment with BuildingPoint Southeast

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