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Trimble Ri

The Trimble Ri is the most scalable, accurate and automated Robotic Total Station. Easy set-up for faster efficient positioning with minimal training required.

The Trimble Ri is flexible, more accessible and sets a new standard in the construction industry. Designed ideally for MEP, concrete, steel and general contractors, Trimble Ri offers multiple configurations to meet a diverse set of workflows. Easy to operate with extended layout capabilities, the total station provides a longer laser range, focusable EDM, an eye-safe laser pointer and improved target tracking.

Applications & Specs

  • Layout of control
  • Layout of property boundaries
  • Layout of excavation lines
  • Layout of concrete forms and anchors
  • Layout of control lines for subcontractors
  • Layout of hangers, sleeves and underground pipe
  • Topographical measurements
  • As-built checks

Key Features & Benefits

  • Improved EDM
  • 3″ Angular Accuracy
  • Built-in calibration 
  • Wireless communication link: 2.4 GHz band


  • Level Detection and Monitoring
  • Distance measurement accuracy: 2 mm + 2 ppm (0.01 ft)
  • Single-Person layout learning saves time and money
  • FieldLink Integration
  • Per day $250
  • Per week $1,000
  • Per month $3,000