One of the easiest, most profitable tools in your arsenal

GNSS (global network satellite system) is becoming more prevalent in building construction.  This technology has taken the place of GPS (global positioning system) and is no longer used only for survTrimble R8eying or geo-mapping.

Imagine this: you are superintendent for a general contractor on a warehouse project. In two days your concrete contractor will be pouring the slab for the building. You have electrical stub ups, plumbing stub ups, waterlines, and sewage lines running under the slab, through the slab, and around the slab. Utilizing your Trimble R8s GNSS you can be set up in under 10 minutes and be verifying the layout of the slab, the location of the penetrations, as well as everything running under the slab. By yourself, you are able to verify all of it faster and more accurately than using traditional methods.

One may argue that this new technology is expensive. But that is not the case with this system.  This system is less than $28 a day! Think of the peace of mind you’ll get from being able to quickly and accurately verify everything is as it should be.  The system can also be used to collect “as-builts”. You will be able to quickly and accurately layout underground pipe, conduit, obstructions, ecetera and add them to the project BIM file, and provide the owner with accurate facilities information.

Let me demonstrate for you how the Trimble R8s can become one of the easiest, most profitable tools in your arsenal.

Scott Mayer

Building Construction Specialist

BuildingPoint Southeast


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