How to enhance you usage of the Trimble Kenai Data Collector.

So you have purchased a new Trimble Kenai Data Collector and you have been using it for a few weeks now.  Below are some suggested ways to enhance you usage:

  1. When using the Kenai out in the field, be sure to put the tablet into airplane mode.  This prevents interference from WiFi signals to your radio connection.
  2. Shut off Windows Defender. If you are in airplane mode, you do not need to be defended.
  3. If you are operating the Kenai in a light rain, shut off the touch screen. Use the provided stylus until the rain stops.  The Kenai is sensitive to the rain drops and considers them “touches” on the screen.
  4. The antenna from the Yuma 2 can be used with the Kenai in place of the antenna from the factory. The Kenai operates off of the same antenna as the Yuma 2.  It is recommended to have some replacement antennas on hand as this part will wear over time.
  5. You can order a desktop docking station for your Kenai.

  1. There is a harness available for the Kenai that holds the Kenai against your chest so both of your hands are free. 

Please call me at 704.301.2237 or e-mail me at with questions, comments, or training needs.  I hope you have success with your Trimble layout equipment.


Scott Mayer, Building Construction Specialist

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