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Newsletter     Feb 2, 20

February 2020 | Points of Progress


100+ year old construction firm gets serious about job site security

When managing a large jobsite, being able to track, manage and document every worker on site is crucial in completing a project successfully. Rick Kinney, Safety Engineer at Walbridge, expressed how site security was their biggest concern for their most recent project located in Boydton, Virginia.

Founded in 1916 by George Walbridge and Albert Aldinger, Walbridge Construction is known for managing several million, even billion dollar projects. From projects such as The Olympia Sports Arena, Ford Vehicle Assembly Plant to Chrysler’s World Headquarters, Walbridge has established trust and loyalty that has made them a leading contractor in multiple industry sectors for decades.

Breaking ground in July 2018 with 800-1,000 workers on site, Walbridge is currently more than half-way complete on a 475,000 square foot data center spanning up to five buildings. With a project this large, it’s critical to have proper control over who is entering and exiting the site, information about said workers and an easy solution to contact them if needed. That’s where Andrew Rudisill, Regional Account Manager of BuildingPoint SouthEast, came into the picture. With over 20 years of experience, Andrew specializes in project tracking and management where he was able to provide Kinney and others ample information on what Trimble CrewSight can provide to the company.

From labor reporting to health and safety, CrewSight improves visibility into the flow of labor on a work site. Analisa Diaz, Administrative Coordinator at Walbridge shares, “It’s been beneficial from a safety standpoint to make sure everyone is safe and coordinate all logistical parts of the job.” As a first-time BuildingPoint customer and labor tracking user, they understandably had a lot of questions. Kinney explains, “Every time I’ve had a problem, I’ve called Andrew and we’ve always been able to resolve it – whether it’s over the phone or by him directing through the system.”

“I definitely appreciate CrewSight. It eliminates a lot of work that I would normally have to do separately in the past. I think our decision was worth it.”

Along with site security, Walbridge wanted their subs to be responsible for the on-boarding and training process. This way, “they already have expectations on what they were going to be getting into when they start work,” said Kinney. CrewSight makes on-boarding fast and accurate with electronic worker self-enrollment. Having worker documents, credentials and certifications at the touch of your fingertips, CrewSight creates a smooth, hassle-free on-boarding experience.

Kinney continues, “It saves time. Instead of going through a 2-day orientation, CrewSight allows you to be more efficient as they can get to work quicker because you’re jump starting the orientation process.”


As Walbridge continues to grow with CrewSight, they have expanded their possibilities. Kinney shares, “We’ve discovered there’s a lot more we’d like to do with CrewSight and it has opened doors for us.” Whether it’s out in the field or back at the office, CrewSight has made job site security easier than they could ever imagine.

CrewSight has many features that are designed to increase workflow productivity along with communication effectiveness — broadcast messaging being one of them. With this, you can send targeted mass communications from any device. No matter the size of a job site, it’s crucial to have direct, instant communication provided by a user-friendly interface to do so. Analisa Diaz, Administrative Coordinator at Walbridge, expressed, “We’ve been able to use a lot more features. For example, I’m able to pull reports of the company’s total work verses person by person. Also, the broadcasting text message feature has been the biggest lifesaver. Whether someone lost a personal item or there was a safety incident, it’s been the best way to communicate with everybody.”

Want to learn more about labor management and site security? Click here to see how you can gain control of your job site!


Bringing mixed reality right to the front line, the XR10 enables workers in safety-controlled environments to access model data directly on site. View future projections of work and compare coordinated models with work occurring as construction is taking place for instantaneous feedback. See in real time where your job site is going and prevent major issues arising from work being incorrectly installed in the field. “Mixed reality is playing a key role in the digital transformation process by improving the understanding and communication of complex spatial conditions through a truly immersive experience,” said Martin Holmgren, General Manager, Field Solutions, Trimble Buildings. Contact a BuildingPoint rep to learn more how you can improve quality, productivity and safety all while saving time using the XR10.


Layout methods have evolved. You don’t need more crews to get more done. The Trimble RTS line of Robotic Total Stations are designed specifically for the construction industry, helping you:

  • Significantly reduce your layout time by up to 3X vs. traditional methods
  • Pinpoint locations with laser accuracy
  • Operate with a true, 1-person solution
  • Stay competitive in the marketplace


What is VDC you may ask? Virtual Design and Construction represents the natural progression and realization of the convergence of design and constructability. With an
integrated VDC workflow, contractors can leverage both the original design intent, as well as the powerful productivity gains through a truly coordinated model.

Our services include:

  • Conceptual modeling
    2D Drawing to 3D Model Conversion
    Model Quality Review
    3D Laser Scanning Support
    3D Modeling from Point Clouds
    Creation of BIM Deliverables for Architectural, Structural and MEP

Meet Ryan – VDC Services Manager at BuildingPoint SouthEast where he specializes in VDC implementation along with supervision of BIM deliverable creation for
coordination, estimating, and scheduling. With 8+ years of experience identifying, assessing, and implementing new construction innovations for contractors, Ryan is an innovator who has a passion for utilizing technology in order to help clients succeed. Contact Ryan Pastor at to learn more how VDC can help your project!