4 Technology Innovations That Are Enhancing Productivity In The Field

Constructiondive.com posted an article about “4 construction technology innovations enhancing productivity in the field“.   The article discusses innovations “making the tasks of foremen, tradesmen and other site works easier so they can be as productive as possible.”

BuildingPoint SouthEast has the following mentioned innovations:  Robotic Total Stations, Project organization software, and Wearable technology.

Robotic Total Stations

Trimble Robotic Total Stations (RTS) and Trimble Field Link Software together are helping speed up productivity with increased accuracy with field layout and QC.  With a two day training from a Trimble Certified Trainer, your crew will be up and running.  These do not have to be former surveyors.  Trimble Field Link helps simplify the interface to provide only the information needed and running the calculations for you.

Project Organization Software

When it comes to project management, control is everything. ProjectSight unifies the field and the office with a single-source of collaboration and the latest plan sets and documentation. So everyone is working from the same playbook. Whether it’s RFIs, Issues, Work-Orders or Submittals, everything starts and ends in one place—in the office or walking the site offline. It is powered by Trimble Connect.  Trimble Connect is a new way for designers, builders, owners and operators to collaborate, share and view project information. It is based on GTeam, the ground-breaking collaboration platform developed by Gehry Technologies. Trimble Connect simplifies the exchange of files and project information by combining file management, viewing, messaging and activities in one simple-to-use tool that is always available — anywhere, anytime.

Wearable Technology

Trimble CrewSight allows project leaders to clearly see and analyze the actual hours crews are on site, what zones of the site crews are working and ensure that everyone on site has proper clearance to be there.  With workplace safety a growing concern among contractors, Trimble CrewSight lets you track personnel while they are on site and account for each team member when emergency situations arise. The system lets you monitor skills, qualifications and clearances to keep on-site workers safe. Depending on the needs of your work site, Trimble CrewSight can be tailored for use in traditional entry-exit areas, hard access control gates and open access zones for vehicle entry.

For a deeper look into how these innovative products can enhance your productivity in the field, contact us for details and demos.

Chris Dysart

Building Construction Specialist,

Trimble Certified Trainer


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