Trimble RTS 773

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The Trimble RTS 773 includes Trimble VISION, an integrated camera in the robotic total station that provides a “through the telescope view” remotely via the Trimble Tablet and Trimble Field Link. This robotic total station is designed for general and specialty contractors that require quality, accuracy and optimum field performance.







The Trimble RTS773 is packed with the best technology and features Trimble has to offer. From Trimble VISION video-assisted robotic measurements to MultiTrack technology for switching between active and passive tracking, the RTS773 is ready for even the most demanding job sites. Every RTS773 has the following features:

  • Trimble VISION with an integrated digital camera
  • View and document actual jobsite conditions from the perspective of the total station when performing layout, collecting data or generating field reports
  • One person layout
  • Robotic communication link – 2.4 GHz radiio
  • Robotic radio communication range – 500-700 m (1,640 – 2,297 ft)
  • Measuring range (single prism) – 2,500 m (8,202 ft)
  • Distance measurement accuracy (prism mode) – +/-2 mm + 2 ppm (0.01 ft + 2 ppm)
  • Reflectorless DR measuring – 120 m
  • Angle accuracy – horizontal: 3″ (1.0 mgon), vertical 2″ (0.6 mgon)

The Trimble773 comes equipped with the ability to take video-assisted robotic measurements and perform visual verification with data overlays and photo documentation. The MagDrive technology allows you to perform accurate layouts with maximum efficiency and speed, while the MultiTrack technology allows you to switch between active and passive tracking. With the power of Trimble773 and Trimble VISION, you’ll be able to see your work site without even taking a trip to your tripod.

Even when you’re away from your job site, the Trimble 773 allows you to take measurements using prisms or reflectorless surfaces — all with the efficiency of a point and click system.

Applications of the Trimble RTS773

The Trimble RTS773 is designed for use in general construction applications and features optimal accuracy, reliability and speed. Combined with Trimble VISION and the Trimble DR HP Precision EDM, your RTS773 will have the flexibility necessary to tackle the most challenging projects. Automate your Servo Focus, visually mark points and optimize your productivity with the Trimble RTS773.

The Trimble RTS 773 is perfect for the following applications:

  • Control layouts
  • Property boundary layouts
  • Excavation line layouts
  • Anchor bolt and concrete form layouts
  • Concrete pad control lines for subcontractors
  • Hanger, pipe and sleeve layouts
  • Topographical measurements

The Trimble RTSS773 is ideal for use in general contracting work, pipe laying and foundation work alike. Take back your time and automate your layout tasks with Trimble RTS773.

Available to Rent

  • Daily: $250
  • Weekly: $1,000
  • Monthly: $3,000

Includes RTS instrument, Nomad data collector w/ radio or Tablet, Field Link for Structure or LM80 Layout Manager software, standard accessories, prism pole, tripod, bipod, and prism

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