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RPT 600

The essential tool in the construction toolbox to make short-work of common building layout and as-built measurements in projects.
The compact, convenient Trimble RPT 600 is a smarter way to work than through manual measurement. This machine automates measurements, so you can calculate distances and angles with ease without ever having to reach for a tape measure. It’s easy-to-see green laser has incredible precision and points directly to where you need to layout your site. The Trimble RPT 600 is faster than traditional measuring devices, and it possesses unparalleled accuracy.

Applications & Specs

  • As-built checks
  • Anchor bolt and concrete form layouts
  • Control layouts
  • Concrete pad subtracting layouts
  • Excavation line layouts
  • Hanger, pipe and sleeve layouts
  • Topographical measurements

Key Features & Benefits

  • 300° vertical field of view simplifies overhead work. Image RPT-00060-n
  • Autostationing™ lets the system self-locate. No leveling required.
  • Highly visible green laser lets you mark the spot easily.
  • See what the instrument sees with Trimble VISION technology
  • Trimble Field Link provides guided workflows
  • Runs on a standard tablet
  • One-button setup with unique Autostationing™ technology
  • Per day $250
  • Per week $1,000
  • Per month $3,000