Robotic Total Station vs Traditional Layout

Trimble RTS 873

Trimble RTS 873

Robotic Total Station Impact on ROI

In today’s construction industry, projects are faster paced than ever.  Time is money.  With more aggressive schedules, trades are having to find ways to be more efficient.  The technology that is available today allows professionals the ability to speed up and also increase the accuracy of their layout.  A robotic total station with a one man crew can do double or triple what the traditional layout crews could do in a day.  Investment in the right technology can seem expensive at first.  It is not until companies actually compare costs of robotic total stations to traditional layout methods that they see the significant return on investment with regards to efficiency of labor and time and effectiveness of layout points and accuracy of data.  This article does a wonderful job in breaking down the ROI.

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Traditional LayoutConventional Total StationRobotic Total Station
# of Workers on a Layout Crew221
# of Layout Crews/Project111
Hours Worked/Week404040
Hourly Cost/Person$75$75$75
# of Layout Points/Day75150300
Total Cost Per Point$16$8$2


-Chris Dysart, Building Construction Specialist


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