Construction Labor Tracking 

Controlling labor costs and securing job sites is a critical aspect of construction projects. However, these processes can often be time-consuming and complicated. If you need help keeping up with these tasks, BuildingPoint SouthEast can help.

We offer a construction job site management system that efficiently organizes employee hours and other records. Contractors, payroll administrators and human resources personnel can benefit from this effective method of tracking hours. 

Reduce Labor Costs With Labor Tracking 

Can you reduce your labor costs through labor tracking? The simple answer is yes. Labor is generally a business's largest expenditure, but hiring quality employees to get the job done right is an important investment. Tracking labor accurately is equally important for you to get the most of that investment.

The members of your crew likely work hard and get the job done, and rarely do you see dishonesty or human error impacting labor tracking. However, electronic systems have higher accuracy than manual methods. With labor tracking software, it's easier to account for nuances in the regular schedule, such as a worker leaving early for a doctor's appointment.

Electronic systems also help make employees more accountable, and they enable you to see where they can be using their time more efficiently. You can then help your employees perform better and provide ways to make tasks easier. Labor tracking software assists with overtime cost management, as well. You can receive alerts when your workers approach overtime on the project and use this information to plan your project schedule. 

How to Use a Labor Tracking System 

The labor tracking software is housed on a computer, mobile application or wireless device. Employees log their hours worked, and HR and payroll administrators can review the labor data and reconcile it with their accounting software to process payroll. 

Labor Tracking Solutions From BuildingPoint SouthEast 

Trimble CrewSight™ is a hardware and software solution with a job site access control system and worker database. It tracks site attendance and time worked through a hard hat beacon, stores safety documents, automates reports, monitors the construction job site with cameras, and streamlines workforce communication. CrewSight gives you insight into your workers' health and safety, site security and operational efficiency to control labor costs.

Benefits of Implementing a Labor Tracking/Job Site Access System 

With a labor tracking and construction job site access control system, you can: 

  • Optimize your work planning activities: Pinpoint and analyze trends and identify opportunities for process improvement, which can ultimately lower your project costs. You will also be able to determine any compliance requirements in areas such as hiring, and ensure you're meeting all applicable reporting requirements. 
  • Increase worker safety: Job site accidents occur when the crew is tired from working too many hours. Team leaders need to know the whereabouts of all team members when an emergency arises.
  • Lower labor costs and reinvest: By more accurately accounting for labor on the job site and lowering overall labor costs, you save money. When you save that money, you can reinvest in your employees to boost morale and longevity, purchase needed equipment or upgrade equipment, and ensure you're making the most out of your revenue. 

Contact Our Team to Learn More 

BuildingPoint SouthEast is a widely recognized construction industry technology leader, and our team is willing to provide reliable support for every software solution we sell. Our leaders are dedicated to ensuring we find the best solution to your team's needs. Contact our expert team today to get started on construction job site access control and labor tracking.