Construction Labor Tracking

Are you a contractor who's having difficulty keeping your projects' labor costs under control? Does your jobsite require a higher level of security? Do you have teams working on various sites around your local area?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or they made you wonder about your current operations, you're not alone.

Can Tracking Construction Crew Time Lower Labor Costs?

The simple answer is yes. Labor is generally the biggest cost in any business. Hiring quality employees to get the job done right is an important investment. Tracking labor accurately is equally important for you to get the most of that investment.

Your crew likely work hard, get the job done and rarely do you see a dishonesty or human error impacting labor tracking. The fact is, manually tracking time will never be as accurate as an electronic system. Crews may have opportunities for better and focus management. They may even be stuck wondering what they should be doing next, waiting idly for someone else to finish a part of the job.

Electronic systems help make employees more accountable and helps you know how much time is being spent on each task. You can then help your employees perform better and provide ways to make tasks easier. A time tracking solution is helpful for managing overtime costs, as the employer can receive alerts when overtime hours are rising and reaching a certain limit. At that point, management can make a decision whether to increase staff to accommodate the extra work, so that employees are not over the costly overtime thresholds. 

What labor tracking solutions can BuildingPoint South East provide for YOU?

Our solutions combine a jobsite access control system with a worker database for increased control and site security. Plus, you can track time and attendance, safety documentation and compliance, and store your workforce registry.

Benefits of Implementing a Labor Tracking System

Optimize Your Work Planning Activities. Pinpoint and analyze trends and identify opportunities for process improvement, which can ultimately lower your project costs. You will also be able to determine any compliance requirements in areas such as hiring, and ensure you're meeting all applicable reporting requirements. 

Increase Worker Safety. Jobsite accidents aren't working tired from working too many hours and account for the whereabouts of all team members when an emergency arises... 

Lower Labor Costs and Re-Invest. By more accurately accounting for labor on the job site and lowering overall labor costs, you save money. When you save that money, you can reinvest in your employees to boost morale and longevity, you can purchase needed equipment or upgrade equipment, and ensure you're making the most out of your revenue. 

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