Construction Estimating Software

As a contractor who wants to win bids, keep projects moving efficiently and build a reputation of great work and ability to hit deadlines, you may feel like that perfect solution is impossible. We understand that the construction estimating process is complex. It takes time and relies on many different inputs that, when done manually or based on outdated data, can cost you valuable time and money.

BuildingPoint SouthEast offers a suite of innovative and user-friendly estimating software solutions to contractors and other construction professionals in NC, SC, GA, VA, MD and the Washington, D.C. area. We have a team of experts looking forward to helping you find the right solution for your business.

We have a variety of software solutions that will dramatically simplify the complicated estimating process, saving you time and increasing accuracy. Our estimating software gives you easy access to relevant technical data that will advance your current estimating processes or enable you to address gaps in the data cycle.

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What Can You Expect When You Invest in Construction Estimating Software?

With estimating software, you will be able to:

  • Use a cost-comparing database: You want to create a bid that is fair and accurate for every client. Without software, you’re likely to encounter inconsistencies, inaccuracies and outdated data. Construction estimating software gives you access to databases on initial project costs, current labor and material rates, and more.
  • Have instant takeoffs for estimate adjustments: The estimator for construction projects can take off required materials from the project's blueprint. Takeoff helps you determine the materials you need, estimate costs and adjust other factors in the design plans to give the client an accurate bid.
  • Edit and view blueprints: Upload a BIM or CAD file of the project's blueprint to the software to view and edit easily.

How Does Software for Construction Estimates Help Your Company?

Due to the many advantages of construction estimating software, many construction companies use it to gain a competitive edge. These benefits include:

  • Cost calculation: Construction estimating software calculates equipment, labor and material costs for your client's project. You’ll be able to store data from recent research on cost along with past project costs.
  • Convenient document storage: Software can collect projected costs to create formal proposals and bid offer documents forpotential clients. This will help ensure accuracy between the documents and save your team time!
  • Eliminates human error: After you input the resources you need for the project, the estimating software will automatically complete the calculations. This saves any human error on the calculation and allows you to send the bid to the client quicker.
  • Make accurate labor estimates:The software will consider the number of labor hours, including the subcontractors you will hire. This is the benefit of using the data from your completed projects. You have a better idea of how much labor you’ll need, not just a guess.

What Questions Should I Be Asking About Estimating Software?

Keep these questions in mind when looking for construction estimating software to ensure you are getting the best program for your company:

  • How easy is it to use?
  • How well does it generate an estimate?
  • How well does it keep track of costs?
  • What support is available?
  • What integrations does it support (Excel, QuickBooks, etc.)?
  • Is it accessible on the job site or mobile?

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Advanced Construction Estimating Software From Construction Industry Experts

BuildingPoint SouthEast offers software products from Trimble, which has a unique understanding of the needs of construction industry professionals. Our product selection includes:

  • Trimble Vico Office:Vico Office model based estimating software delivers a fully integrated BIM workflow, making it a preferred choice of general contractors, construction managers and design/build firms. This software tool will immediately reflect every design change in quantity takeoff, coordination, scheduling and estimate, ensuring that the most accurate, up-to-date data is always readily available.
  • Trimble WinEst:Trimble WinEst software is widely regarded as one of the most powerful and versatile database-driven solutions available. The Excel-like user interface makes the software extremely easy to use, while offering multiple filters and work-breakdown structures for maximum flexibility. Alternates, mark-up distribution, schedule link, virtual takeoff and OST integration deepen the power of WinEst. What’s more, you can customize WinEst for use in just about any estimating project, allowing you to always deliver the most accurate estimates to your varied customer base.
  • Modelogix:Conceptual Estimating & Cost Modeling Modelogix is an enterprise software solution thatmines project estimate data, as-built costs and actual costs. These prices are normalized to the current opportunity's time and location. This normalization ensures early phase cost models are fast and accurate, reducing risk and removing guesswork. Modelogix produces reports and presentations that outline the details of the conceptual estimate for both internal use and customer facing. Modelogix is designed to help you win more business with confidence.
  • Trimble GC Estimator Suite:Trimble GCEstimator Suite is a quantity takeoff and estimating solution that integrates cost analysis for both model and non-model based projects. The program will use your company's trusted estimating methods in a single knowledge base to quickly and confidently deliver your work. GC Estimator Suite is the integration of WinEst with the power of Vico.
  • Trimble VDC Manager Suite: This tool is perfect for building information modeling (BIM) managers and BIM professionals. VDC Manager Suite compounds upon the capabilities of the basic 3D model with constructability analysis and coordination, 5D estimating, quantity takeoff, and layout. Models can come from multiple sources and modeling platforms. VDC Manager Suite helps GCs and CMs orchestrate materials procurement, delivery and trade crews with analysis and reports. It allows superintendents to walk the job site with a tablet and use real-time data for entering work percentages.

Learn More About Our Construction Estimating Products

BuildingPoint SouthEast provides complete technical and training support for our software products. Take a few minutes to review the individual product descriptions to learn more about how our estimating software solutions can enhance estimating performance in your NC, SC, GA, VA, MD or Washington, D.C. area construction company.

Contact us for additional product information and complete our quote request form to get a no-obligation quote.