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Case Studies     May 2, 17

Laboratory Renovation Case Study: 3D Scan Clash Avoidance

Client: Hockaday Mechanical Corporation
Location: NC State University in Raleigh, NC
Client Cost: $14,000
Project Size: 11,000 SF
VDC/BIM Services Rendered:

  • Scanner Rental
  • Point Cloud Registration
  • Point Cloud Clean Up
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Coordination
  • Layout Drawings

Project Challenges
This lab renovation at the College of Veterinary Medicine on the campus of NC State University had numerous known constraints from the beginning: a tight schedule, spatial restraints, and multi-system coordination. Hockaday Mechanical Corporation wanted to ensure the design of the mechanical systems on the project would fit in the existing ceiling space which included a sloping fire barrier, steel structure, and catwalks spanning the length of the project.

Hockaday engaged BuildingPoint Southeast, a provider of construction technology equipment and services, to ensure the design of the mechanical systems would fit perfectly and also that it coordinated with other MEP systems as well. First, a scan of the existing conditions was acquired before demolition utilizing the catwalks to get a clear idea of what was there. This allowed modeling to start a month early so the schedule was not affected. Next, points were deleted from the registered point cloud in accordance with demolition drawings to show what would be left after demo. It was decided that traditional Scan to BIM, where elements are modeled in place of the scan, was not necessary because the only elements not being demolished were the structure, and the scanner was able to fully capture the extent of its location. Revit was chosen as the modeling tool because point clouds are easy to import, view, and model around. Additionally, drawings were able to be easily produced for some pieces to be prefabricated and for field installers to efficiently put the work in place.

-Almost all model elements installed in the field without clashes
-Allowed Hockaday to focus on other work