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Case Studies     Apr 11, 23

Art Plumbing Improves Efficiency of Layout with the Trimble Ri

BuildingPoint SouthEast had the opportunity to catch up with Art Plumbing Project Manager, Eric Hovda, who provided us with valuable insights into how the implementation of the Trimble Ri has enhanced the workflow and efficiency of their team. During the conversation, we learned about the positive impact the Trimble Ri had during a renovation project. As a longtime user of Trimble products, the Art Plumbing team is well-versed in the full suite of Trimble’s construction tools.


Art Plumbing is a plumbing-only company located in Smyrna, GA, who focuses on large-scale projects in the Construction industry throughout the Southeast. They understand that the world of renovation and construction is becoming increasingly fast-paced, with clients and customers expecting projects to be completed quickly and efficiently. Setting up multiple devices and ensuring that they are all level and properly controlled can be a challenging task, especially when there are time constraints. Speed, accuracy, and timing are crucial factors for the success of any project and any delays or mistakes can have significant cost and time implications.


To help combat poor scheduling and improve the accuracy and efficiency of layout, Art Plumbing utilized the Trimble Ri to help streamline a renovation project. Eric asked two members of his team to use the Trimble Ri on a renovation project and reported, “With the Trimble Ri, you can easily set up and use the device on your own. This self-sufficient Robotic Total Station made it easier to train in a layout setting.”


  1. The Trimble Ri is lightweight and portable. This made it easy for the Art Plumbing field team to transport it to different locations within the renovation site.
  2. The Trimble Ri is a precision layout tool that uses laser technology to accurately measure and mark positions on construction sites. Eric noted how the quick set-up and laser feature helped to ensure precise positioning, “This device can greatly improve the speed and accuracy of layout, as it enables you to mark out positions on both the ground and ceiling quickly and easily without the need for manual measurements or calculations.”
  3. The Trimble Ri requires minimal training and can be operated by a single person. This is particularly useful in situations where labor is limited or where space is restricted. Eric and the Art Plumbing team noticed how the Trimble Ri increased the flexibility of their workforce. They can save time and money on training costs by quickly adapting to changing project requirements and work schedules.