Why Should I Pay For Training?

Building Construction Training

“free training” available via the Internet, trade associations, or even through friends.

Free training is not always good or bad.  When we sell a robotic total station or a laser scanner we are often asked, “does this come with training?” Our answer is simple in that we  are proud to provide training from a team of knowledgeable and experienced experts.  Of course this service isn’t free.  The price often varies with the complexity of the equipment as well as the duration of the training. Customers often respond with, “I am paying a lot of money for this piece of equipment. Training should be included” or, “Why should I pay for training?”

Well there are several reasons including cost of trainer expertise.  To become a certified trainer for a robotic total station system or a laser scanning system takes many hours of hard work. One may argue that those hours of work are the cost of business or overhead.   We view training, be it for a piece of layout equipment, a new software program,  or a state-of-the-art ground penetrating radar system as a value added service that the seller provides. Thus, there is a charge for training.

There are plenty of “free training” available via the Internet, trade associations, or even through friends.  However these sources and information can be incomplete or even wrong.  Everyone needs to keep in mind when it comes to training or valuable construction equipment, you usually get what you pay for.  Put our training experts to the test.

– Scott Mayer, BuildingPoint Southeast
Building Construction Specialist

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