Use ProjectSight Markup To Link Design To Your Full Project

Like Sticky Notes and Markers?  You’ll Love Drawing Markup

Get to information that’s typically captured with sticky notes, sketches and memos directly within the latest design set. Combine the information spread across apps and emails together so you can make decisions about what to do next.

ProjectSight’s markup tools are the solution. Markup tools let you add annotations such as clouds, linework and text, and link directly to relevant content. Watch the video to see markup in action.  Link to another drawing, a document, a photo or any record in your database. Imagine how drawings become your gateway to project information – it’s data in context.

1-2-3: Punch Items in ProjectSight

No need to switch applications as you manage defects and close out issues. Here’s how to mark and create those events directly on the drawing:

Select the Punch option from the markup toolbar:












Place the marker in the floor plan, then select an existing Punch Item or create a new item.  Markup, drawing and Punch Item are linked and ready for review:








Feature: Control Records Within the Context of the Drawing

Whether you want to create, edit or comment on records – like Punch Items, RFIs or Safety Notices – you don’t have to leave the drawing context to do it. After a markup is linked to a record, select it to open a small dialog box indicating the record type, number and status. Now, select the arrow to review assignments, links and comments in a panel right next to the drawing.















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