Trimble ProjectSight

One Tool Gives your Team Total Control

When it comes to project management, control is everything. Your team needs to communicate and access data in real-time. A single source of data, annotated with notes, comments, questions and context allows your team to better understand he project and communicate their needs. If the office cannot communicate the field and vice versa, you may find yourself with costly discrepancies between plans and realities. 

ProjectSight unifies the field and the office with a single-source of collaboration and the latest plan sets and documentation. Everyone is working from the same playbook. Empower your team to collaborate, work towards a common goal and drive effective efficiencies. 

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How Can ProjectSight Help Your Team?

  • Collaborate through Conversation - Goodbye forms! Capture the status fast. Team conversations keep all the notes together from multiple contributors. Easy to use, Team conversations ensure that all members can contribute to a single source
  • A Single-Source, Online and Offline - Whether it's RFIs, Issues, Work-Orders or Submittals, everything starts and ends in one place — in the office or walking the site offline
  • Annotate in Context - Add notes, comments, questions and images right on the drawings or model. This way, there's no need for interpretation and assumption 
  • Put the Data in Context - Now, you'll never need to ask, "Where?" It's all right there. Conversations can be linked to both 2D drawings and 3D models to add clarity and confidence in decision-making
  • Unify the Team - Eliminate information silos that blocks visibility. ProjectSight ensures that team members have access to the information they need
  • Powered by Trimble Connect - the 3D viewer provides authorized stakeholders with ready access to Building Information Models from a variety of sources
  • Drawings - The full screen drawing viewer with high-performance graphics makes it easy to find what you need. Collaboration is directly embedded in the drawing. No separate tabs or isolated functionality
  • Models - Powered by Trimble Connect, the 3D viewer is capable of easy interaction with your Building Information Models from the browser. All design information is right there from a broad range of authoring platforms
  • Eliminate Spreadsheets - A complete solution that allows you to manage contracts, identify risks and changes quickly and stay within budget 
  • Stop Chasing Down Paperwork - You'll have the time you need to manage your projects since all RFIs, Submittals, change orders and reports are automated. Create efficient processes - simple, configurable and modern processes allow you to quickly capture, communicate and collaborate around critical information

What are the key project controls your team needs for successful field management?

Tools at Your Finger Tips:

RFIs | Checklists | Punchlists | Submitals 

Collaboration Between Construction Team Members:

Conversations | Work Orders | Comments | Photos

Access Anywhere You Go:

Online and Offline | Model sharing for all | Secure Permissioning 

Cloud Integration:

Always Available | No infrastructure | Unlimited storage


What Team Members Can Benefit From a Project Management Solution? 

Project Manager. Because Success and failure is measured in Dollars, Euros, Pounds and RMB, ProjectSight lets you track the paper-trail that led to decisions from start to finish.

Superintendent. First on the jobsite and last to leave. You've made it this far because you know how to solve complex problems and get things done.

Project Engineer. The project will only go right, if everyone has access to the same data at the same time. When you can manage your 3D models and your drawings in the same place, it's easier to identify inconsistencies and answer questions fast.

Sub-Contractor. Because chasing down files and responses to RFIs delays projects, ProjectSight delivers you a singular location to keep you on track with the most up to date information.

Take The Time to Learn More about Integrating  Trimble's ProjectSight

Having these types of systems in place and utilizing ProjectSight may sound like a dream come true for your operations. Our team of experts are excited to talk to you about what solutions are right to your operations and your team. We're here to talk about your needs and  the problems you're experiencing and work together towards a solution. 


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