Trimble Field Link 2D Office

Designed to simplify point creation on the desktop, Trimble Field Link 2D office is an intuitive software that can create point files for any Field Solutions layout software ( LM80 Nomad, Trimble Field Link, and Trimble Field Link 2D). You can even use this simple to learn software for any data collector that can import a .csv point file.

Whether you need to create points and a plan on the job, or work directly from a model or 2D drawing, Trimble Field Link 2D office fits your business and point creation needs. The software was redesigned specifically to reduce complexity, so you can feel confident entrusting crews with varying skills to perform automated point creation. Trimble 2D office opens .dwg files in a 2D view even if the drawing file is 3 dimensional.

Once points are laid out on the job, you or your teams can round-trip the as-built point data back to the office to compare completed work with the intended design when adjustments are needed.