Trimble EdgeWise Software

Scan – Register – Extract & Model – Export to Design

Trimble EdgeWise software, a smart modeling and analysis tool that dramatically reduces the time required to accurately transform point cloud data into actionable models of the worksite.  EdgeWise complements Trimble’s 3D scanner and RealWorks software to provide efficient end-to-end workflows in producing accurate BIM-ready models.  From scanned point cloud data, the software automatically detects structural elements such as pipes, conduit and beams, then precisely models them using the dimensions and geometries included in a vast library of common elements.

Flexibility for the Contractor – Projects  vary as do your scanning needs.  Whether you are looking to provide as-built information or collecting current conditions for a renovation project, Trimble EdgeWise can help you extract the individual elements and produce the information you need to make decisions.

Tr edgewise layout

Key Features:

  • Reduce modeling time up to 50%
  • Improve speed and accuracy when extracting piping, conduit, duct, walls, windows, doors, structural beams and other repeated objects
  • Model with industry standard libraries to create intelligent BIM models
  • Smart quality assurance tools to ensure accuracy of your model




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