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Spot the Robotic Construction Dog

Unleash more productivity with a clear and continuous picture of progress on your job site with Spot — the autonomous construction robotics solution.

The autonomous construction robotics solution.

With a strategic alliance between Trimble and Boston Dynamics, the two companies are now integrating a variety of construction data collection technologies with Boston Dynamics' Spot® robot platform.

The jointly-developed solution combines the Spot robot's autonomous mobility with Trimble's data collection sensors and field control software to enable automation of repetitive tasks such as site scans, surveying and progress monitoring, while taking advantage of the robot's unique capabilities to navigate dynamic and potentially unsafe environments.

This turnkey solution will streamline operation of the robot and provide quality control for missions, enabling construction project managers to easily get a clear picture of jobsite progress on an ongoing basis.

Applications & Specs

  • Construction jobsite scanning
  • Jobsite documentation and analysis
  • Reality capture
  • Building Environments 

Discover the advantages of robotics in construction.

  • Autonomous Scanning Operation
    Enable the collection of consistent and reliable data for improved production and quality control monitoring with Spot the robot. Document change and perform design validation to ensure the as-built condition matches the as-designed intent.
  • Safe Scanning, Continuously
    Send the Spot robot and the X7 laser scanner into unsafe conditions to perform dirty, dull, or dangerous tasks. Improve job site safety and address labor shortages.
  • Automated Scan Registration in the Field
    In-field registration with Trimble FieldLink software ensures the right data is captured the first time. Perform real-time design validation workflows such as scan-to-model comparisons and surface analysis inspections to make immediate decisions in the field without leaving the job site.
  • Scan Data Upload
    A built-in Gigabit Ethernet connection in the docking station enables the fast offload of registered scan data from the X7 laser scanner. Immediately access scan data at the end of a mission or post to a cloud sharing platform to perform design validation analysis.
  • Integrated Ruggedized Tablet
    A ruggedized Trimble tablet allows you to control Spot and the X7 laser scanner through one device. Use the tablet to define a mission for Spot, set scanning parameters for the X7, perform in-field registration, design validation, and access Trimble Connect for project communication and collaboration tools.

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