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Spectra Precision DG313 Pipe Laser

Compact, Tough, and Smart

When speed, improved reliability, robustness and long lasting performance are required for Pipe Laying the Spectra Precision® DG813 is the answer.

Completely waterproof, with large self-levelled grade range, the DG813 is so fast, so smart and so easy to use that it is an unsurpassed laser tool for pipe laying.

Benefitting from the latest technology developed by Spectra Precision, the DG813 delivers unprecedented performance when laying pipes.

The length of the DG813 is compact for easier set up in tight inverts in the manhole. The grade range is from -12% to +40% and is fully self-leveling over the entire grade range. Even the cross axis is fully compensated – providing quick set up and peace of mind that the laser will be level without having to adjust at the bottom of the invert.

The DG813 works over a distance of 150 m (500 ft) providing full operation in a single set-up between manholes. The new RC803 remote control provides full function control and utilizes infrared light in the pipe for up to 150 m (500 ft) control. For “over-the-top” setups, the remote utilizes radio communications up to a distance of 130 m (430 ft).

Applications & Specs

  • Installation of a variety of underground gravity flow pipes sewer pipe systems, storm drains, and the manholes and access points that connect to them.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Compact length allows easy set-up even in tight inverts
  • Large, bright, graphical user interface makes the screen easier to see and use when in or out of the pipe. The same graphical user interface can be seen on the remote – what you see on the laser you see on the remote.
  • Self-leveling range of -12% to +40% over the entire grade range
  • Cross axis compensation provides a quicker more accurate set-up as the laser does not have to be level in the pipe – place it in the pipe, it levels, you work.
  • Bright visible beam works up to 150 m (500 ft)
  • IP68 protection (dust and waterproof)
  • RC803 remote works via radio 130 m (430 ft) or infra-red 150 m (500 ft) for both “over-the-top” set-up and in the pipe/trench set-up.
  • The DG613 has advanced functions that make setting up and using it easy and accurate