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Schonstedt Maggie Magnetic Locator

Highest Sensitivity & Most Versatile

Maggie combines the best features of two flagship Schonstedt products: the sensitivity and precision of the GA-52Cx, and the single-handed operation of the GA-92XT

With the Schondstedt Maggie, you get the advantages of both the flagship GA-52Cx and the ultra-portable GA-92XTd. With this, you will be able to enjoy both sensitivity and precision, as well as an effortless and simple single handed operation. This model contains the HeliFlux® sensors for optimal performance. It will provide a response to iron and steel objects only as it is a magnetic locator. You can easily locate pipe joints, iron pipes, manhole covers and other ferrous metal objects with pinpoint accuracy. The device is powered by 9v alkaline battery. The design provides easy access battery removal and replacement.

Applications & Specs

  • Road Construction
  • Land survey
  • Gas & oil pipelines
  • Facilities management
  • Power and electric
  • Construction and excavation

Key Features & Benefits

  • Highest Sensitivity
  • Ergonomic & Durable
  • Dust & Water Resistant (Rated IP54)
  • Expanding bar graph indicates polarity (positive or negative) and relative signal strength
  • HeliFlux® sensors
  • Modular construction and high-performance components
  • Includes a soft carrying case and arm strap sling for ease of carrying through rough terrain, hands-free
  • 7-year warranty
  • Audio Output: Signal increases in frequency with gradient field intensity. Idle frequency = 10 Hz
  • Display Output: Expanding bar graph indicates polarity (positive or negative) and relative signal strength
  • Volume: 3 Levels - Muted, Medium and High
  • Input Power:    1 9V Battery
  • Operating temperature:    -13°F to 140°F (-25°C to 60°C)
  • Overall Length:    32.5" (83 cm)
  • Per day
  • Per week $100
  • Per month $300

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