Trimble GC Estimator

Accuracy, productivity and confidence. These are the traits of successful general contractors that win business and keep projects moving along a predictable trajectory. Construction estimating is a complex process that often relies on disparate inputs in both 2D and 3D, multiple cost libraries, and a range of point tools for estimating and takeoff. That kind of complexity can stand in the way of success.

Trimble GC Estimator ™ Suite incorporates best-of-breed estimating and takeoff solutions from Trimble designed to increase efficiencies, win more work, and maximize the profitability of projects before, during and after construction. With all the tools needed to streamline productivity in a single system, GC Estimator eliminates unnecessary complexity.

“What if you had the opportunity to rethink the way estimating is done?” That question that led to meaningful innovation.

Best of breed solutions

Trimble lets you move faster with confidence because we’ve integrated the strengths of a range of leading estimating solutions.

  • Trimble WinEst – database-driven software that uses a highly flexible spreadsheet for creating, adjusting and presenting cost estimates.
  • Trimble Vico Office – virtual construction software that augments 3D models with constructability analysis and coordination, location-based quantity takeoff, 4D (time) scheduling and production control, and 2D electronic plan takeoff.
  • Trimble Document Controller Standard – an application that automates change detection between design iterations in both 2D design drawing sets and in 3D models created using BIM software.

2D/3D Takeoff

The ability to view the takeoff items in the context of the 3D model, and the bi-directional link between the views, gives you clear feedback, improves team communication, and gives you the confidence that no quantities are missed. Since quantity takeoff is a live view, newly published and activated model versions result in automatically updated quantities.

Integrated Takeoff with Estimating

Why not have your database-driven estimating solution fully integrated with your quantity takeoff tools? With Trimble GC Estimator, you have exactly that. One database of your items and assemblies right alongside your 3D BIM quantities and your 2D electronic plan takeoff.

Change Management

It’s not enough just to locate differences between multiple iterations of the model. How do you keep the estimate in sync with the current version of the model or 2D plan sets? Confidence is built by allowing you to visualize the differences between two versions of the model, as well as highlight the differences with an updated 2D plan set.

One solution for all you do

GCEstimator provides a single knowledge base of cost items and assemblies, where quantities are supplied by a single takeoff tool. Gone are the days of switching between applications and manually rekeying data.

2D/3D Integration

Today, all the news is about BIM and the virtues of 3D. But until that move is complete, 2D data is not only commonplace, it’s also the legal standard by which projects are measured. Trimble lets you work with both types of project inputs and ensures that the data is synchronized and traceable.