Trimble CrewSight

CrewSight™ software combines a jobsite access control system with a worker database for increased control and site security. If you'd like to maintain control, decrease labor costs and put safety first then CrewSight is the solution for you.

  • Track Construction site attendance
  • Safety documentation and compliance
  • Automated reports
  • Streamline workforce communication via broadcast messaging

The Specs

Labor tracking - Track entry-exit of all jobsite personnel remotely using Trimble's unified, cloud-based access control system

RFID Worker Badges - Cloud-based, unified cloud-based portal to remotely control

Analytics - Real-time field tracking and daily reports and analyze labor data

Beacons - Automatically connects to Bluetooth to best track workers time and attendance


The Benefits 

Health and Safety - Document workers' emergency contact information and send safety alerts as needed

Weather Tracking - Manage weather risk with over 24 interactive dashboard analytics custom configurable by project

Site Security - Limit site access to workers with proper training, NDAs, drug tests, qualifications and more

Operational Efficiency - Account for each work or company's time, labor report summaries, hassle-free on-boarding with electric worker self-enrollment

Decreased Labor Costs - Project leaders have the ability to clearly see and analyze the actual crews onsite, what zones the crews are working and ensure everyone has proper clearance to be there


The Documents:

CrewSight Datasheet

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