Trimble Equipment Repair

The staff at BuildingPoint SouthEast includes certified professionals can perform both simple and complex repairs on most brands of Field Instruments. From calibrations and broken screens to complete equipment repair. photo-maintenance

Trimble construction technology products are designed, engineered and built to the highest standards for quality and performance. However, like any mechanical or technological products, they do require routine maintenance to keep them in peak operating condition. And even a high-quality Trimble product may break down and need to be repaired on occasion.

If you operate a construction company anywhere in NC, SC, GA, VA or Washington D.C. that relies on Trimble hardware, software, scanning equipment or other technologies product type, BuildingPoint SouthEast is available to handle all of your maintenance and repair needs. As a Trimble Certified Layout Instrument Service/Repair Provider, you can trust us to keep your products properly maintained and working as they should. You will not have to waste valuable time trying to find a competent repair shop.

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How Often Should You Have Your Construction Equipment Maintained?

To ensure your instruments are fully operational and getting the most of their productivity, it’s important to upgrade them to the latest available firmware version and keep them calibrated. Trimble recommends annual cleaning to maintain accuracy.

In addition, a yearly “tune-up” by a Trimble Certified Layout Instrument Service/Repair Provider can also detect any minor equipment issues that could eventually lead to a more extensive repair job. Also, regular maintenance could extend the lifespan of your equipment, lengthening the time between full replacements.

What Services Are Available From a Trimble Certified Layout Instrument Service/Repair Provider?

A Trimble Certified Layout Instrument Service provider is fully qualified to perform a wide range of maintenance and repair tasks. Sample of services include: instrument calibrations, electronic repair, annual maintenance plans, overhauls and repairs ranging from simple tune-ups to complete rebuilds. We also offer complete Trimble Total Station Repair Service. Technical service support and Instrument exterior cleaning are included at no additional cost with rentals.


Use the following step-by step-procedure if your Trimble product needs maintenance or repair work:

  • Call first to troubleshoot, (704) 526-1890
  • Complete the Repair & Service form >> BuildingPoint Southeast Repair Form <<
  • Upon form submission, warranty status and repair estimate will be provided for customer’s approval via email
  • $60 evaluation fee will be assessed on non-warranty repairs if you decide not to proceed with the repair
  • Before shipping, please make sure your device is packed properly and insured
  • Rapid repair turnaround – generally one week or less

Keep in mind that if you need to temporarily replace equipment that’s undergoing repairs, BuildingPoint SouthEast can help. We offer a large selection of Trimble products you can rent by the day, week or month. Our affordable rentals can ensure you will be able to keep your construction projects on schedule.

We Also Accept Trade-ins of Used Trimble Equipment

If the time has finally arrived to trade in that old piece of equipment that has served you well for so long, BuildingPoint SouthEast can help make the cost of a new Trimble product more affordable. Trade-ins are welcomed toward purchases of new equipment — we will give you the maximum value for your trade-in and apply it to your purchase. Trading in old equipment is also a great way to defray your long-term construction technology equipment costs.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Certified Maintenance and Repair Services

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding how a Trimble Certified Layout Instrument Service/Repair Provider can keep your equipment working properly. We offer Trimble product maintenance and repair services to construction companies throughout NC, SC, GA, VA and Washington, D.C.