Estimating & Project Controls Services

Benefits of Professional Implementation Consulting Services

A carefully developed and accurate estimate is the foundation of any successful construction project — but an estimate is just the starting point. The ability to control costs throughout the project is essential for delivering it to the client on time, and within budget. If you are not happy with the results of the estimating and cost control aspects of your projects, BuildingPoint SouthEast can provide the solution your company needs.

We offer a suite of high-quality implementation consulting services to companies in NC, SC, GA, VA and Washington, D.C. that can significantly improve your estimating and control procedures and provide a welcome boost to your company’s bottom line. Our goal is to help you gain the efficiency you seek with accuracy you demand. We’re Building Past Standard Expectations at BPSE.

Implementation Consulting Services with One Basic Goal in Mind

Look to the experts of the Trimble and BuildingPoint professional services organizations to help you get the most value out of your Trimble solutions. Leverage our highly qualified team to manage and deliver your entire solution, or to provide consulting on specific components. Our goal is simple: to make you successful with our solutions.

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Our professional services teams are uniquely qualified to offer the following value to your organization:

  • Domain Experts: Business consultants possess deep construction project management expertise and implementation experience to ensure optimal solution definition and smooth implementation.
  • Technology Experts: Technical consultants provide mentorship, guidance and development on current technologies.
  • Product Experts: All consultants are certified in Trimble products. Our team has direct access to the product management and developers so that solutions are aligned with product capabilities today and tomorrow.
  • Advanced Customization and Solutions: Technical service staff have extensive expertise in creating customized, role-based solutions tailored to your unique business requirements.

Implementation Consulting Services with a Focus on Collaboration

We understand that no two-construction operations are alike, and each has different estimating and project control requirements. The Trimble and BuildingPoint consulting teams work with your business and IT teams to plan and deliver a solution that meets your needs. We will take the time to fully assess your current processes and determine what is working, as well as identify areas that present opportunities for improvement.

Work With Experienced, Certified Professionals

It is important to choose implementation consulting services delivered by credentialed professionals with years of relevant construction industry experience and extensive product knowledge. All consultants are certified in our products and are experts in our industry. Together, these skills enable them to work with your business experts to design efficient business processes specifically designed for your organization.

The processes are then implemented by leveraging Trimble’s product configuration tools or by creating customized applications, system interfaces and specialized reporting.

Implementation Consulting Services Based on Proven PMI Methodology

Trimble has adopted the Project Management Institute (PMI) project management methodology to manage the design, development, implementation and maintenance of its projects. This approach provides the overall methodology that will be used to guide implementation.
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The PMI methodology entails breaking down each project into five distinct process groups: initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing. Our consultants will tailor this methodology to meet your company’s unique estimating and project control requirements.

We Involve Your Team in Every Aspect of the Process

Our implementation consulting services include the direct involvement of key members of your organization. A selected set of staff from your team (referred to as the Core Team) will be identified to participate, and will be actively engaged in the planning, definition and validation of the solution.

This gives you total assurance that the implementation solution can easily be integrated into your current processes, and that it will deliver the results you expect.

Implementation Consulting Services Offered

Our suite of wide-ranging implementation consulting services includes:

  • Environment planning and product installation
  • Requirements discovery and design workshops
  • Mockups and prototyping of solutions
  • Business-tailored advanced product configuration
  • Data migration
  • System and technical integrations
  • Role-based solutions leveraging multiple technologies (Silverlight, Office Business Applications, HTML5)
  • Custom report development
  • Dashboards
  • Solution training
    • Instructor-led classroom
    • Live and web-based
    • eLearning
    • Train-the-Trainer

We also provide ongoing solution support long after implementation to ensure it continues to meet your needs, and to make modifications if necessary.


  • Industry and product experts guide you to successful deployments
  • Proven implementation process controls scope, schedule and costs
  • Agile implementation methodology for phased deliverables
  • Teaming and collaboration supports knowledge transfer throughout the project
  • Tailored solutions increase user adoption and user productivity

Technical Services Including Complete Trimble Winest, Vico and Prolog Services

Extend the value of your Trimble solution with Technical Services, including comprehensive Vico, Prolog and Winest services. Our experienced technical consultants can assist you in the design and execution of various projects that can expand your company’s estimating and control capabilities, as well as provide a seamless integration with other essential systems.

Example of projects include:

  • Prolog integration to accounting and ERP systems
  • Prolog integration to cloud-based file storage providers, such as and Dropbox
  • Vico integration to ERP systems
  • Extend WinEst with the ability to generate Crystal Reports

Learn More about Our Professional Implementation Consulting Services

If you operate a construction company in NC, SC, GA, VA or Washington, D.C., you owe it to yourself to learn more about how our expert implementation consulting services can contribute to the success of your projects. Contact us for additional information and a no-obligation quote for our services today.