Building Construction Solutions in Columbus, GA

BuildingPoint SouthEast has a wide collection of services designed to meet the construction technology needs of contractors in Columbus. We know every project has complex layers that require fine detail. Our technology focuses on bridging the gap of communication between administration in the office and skilled professionals in the field.

Construction technology can transform the way you manage time and energy, from the design phase to the final step of your project. Our assortment of services includes our robotic total stations and much more:

  • 3D reality capture
  • 3D laser scanning equipment
  • Construction field layout tools
  • Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)
  • Project controls/estimations
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Construction Rental Equipment Solutions

BuildingPoint SouthEast improves the construction technology experience for our customers with high-quality rental and repair services. Our technology can boost your peace of mind and shave your budget with cost-effective solutions.

Our collection of rental options comes with several significant benefits.


Our team provides a wide variety of flexible rental plans, including daily, weekly and monthly options for construction layout rentals. Whether you have an emergency, need to grab quick gear during a repair, or want a piece of equipment for a one-time special project, we’re always there.


BuildingPoint SouthEast offers highly competitive rates so you can afford to rent gear when you need it the most.


Our team of specialists can walk you through our wide variety of rental options. Some of the most popular choices include 3D laser scanning equipment, construction laser rentals and robotic total stations.

Repair Solutions for Construction Technology

BuildingPoint SouthEast offers regular maintenance services to extend the useful life of your equipment and help you take preventive action against emergency repairs. Our team understands first-hand how essential it is to maximize uptime on the job site. We walk with you to perform periodic tune-ups on equipment and always focus on meeting repair deadlines when your gear breaks down.

MEP Services

The team at BuildingPoint SouthEast provides Trimble Layout systems for mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) for contractors. These systems are ideal for catching errors on blueprints by scanning them for electrical and plumbing projects.

Our system provides several key features:

  • Field layout software
  • Handheld controller
  • Robotic total station

There are also several significant benefits to choosing our Trimble solutions. The tool allows teams to break down the barriers of information silos and communicate project updates and assignments in real time.

Cloud technology also makes it easy for workers on remote construction sites to connect with administrative staff in the office for decision-making. These features help project organizers schedule and streamline projects in a single hub for maximum efficiency.

BIM Services for Columbus Organizations

BuildingPoint SouthEast provides a variety of BIM services:

  • Conceptual modeling
  • Consulting
  • Business development support
  • Model quality reviews

Our mission is to create collaborative BIM solutions that allow engineers, electricians and mechanics to stay on the same page with design updates.

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