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Nikon AC-2S Automatic Level 24x


Compact and lightweight, this automatic level features a magnetic-dampened automatic compensator to level the line of sight; quality Nikon® optics for bright, sharp, detailed images; and rugged water-resistant construction; and a 24x telescope. The horizontal tangent knobs can be operated with either hand and feature an unlimited range to ensure smooth, precise pointing and angular measurement. Carrying case, lens cap, plumb bob, adjustment tool, and vinyl dust cover included.

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Product Description

The Nikon AC-2S is a compact and lightweight automatic level with an integrated 24x telescope. Enjoy sharp, bright images with incredible detail from Nikon’s optic technology. This product includes a lens cap, carrying case, vinyl dust cover, adjustment tool and plumb bob.

When you add this model to your job site toolkit, you can:

  • Level your line of sight with the magnetic-dampened automatic compensator.
  • Use either hand to adjust the horizontal tangent knobs.
  • Ensure accurate pointing and angular measurement with an unlimited range.

Clear Images on Any Job Site

Offering easy setup and intuitive features, AC Auto Levels are both versatile and user-friendly. This model has a base plate that is compatible with flat and spherical-head tripods, as well as knobs on both sides to suit user preference. The AC-2S also has a detachable eyepiece lens. This feature gives you the option to attach a diagonal eyepiece prism if you’re using the automatic level on a steep slope or in close quarters.

This model is rugged and water-resistant, making it a valuable asset on any job site. Since it comes with a vinyl dust cover, you can operate the AC-2S in light rain or in dusty environments.

Key Features

The Nikon AC-2S Automatic Level has a 30-millimeter objective lens for high-quality images in an erect, unreversed orientation. This model’s minimum focusing distance is 2.46 feet or 0.75 meters. It has a wide compensation range within 16 inches, and the standard deviation for a 1-kilometer, double-run level is plus or minus 2.5 millimeters. Its settings are accurate to within half an inch.

Choose the Nikon AC-2S

Do you need an automatic level that takes accurate images? The Nikon AC-2S Automatic Level is portable, versatile and easy to use. Add this model to your cart today and enhance your capabilities on the job site.


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