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Crain Tri-Max Standard Quick Clamp Tripod


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When you’re working on surveying projects, you need to move complex equipment such as level stations, theodolites and total stations over potentially uneven terrain to get necessary measurements. The Tri-Max instrument tripod allows you to work in a variety of conditions to complete your project accurately and efficiently.

With certified accuracy and proven performance, the Crain Tri-Max Standard Quick Clamp Tripod is ready for the most challenging jobs, featuring durable construction, sturdy fiberglass legs and intuitive design features. It is ideal for use with construction lasers, 3D laser scanners, robotic total stations and servo-driven stations.

The Tri-Max tripod offers many key features and benefits that make your work easier and safer:

  • Stability: The sturdy frame and large footbed allow you to use it on flat or uneven surfaces without concern for losing or damaging your instrument.
  • Durability: Built to last, the Tri-Max tripod features rigid construction and heavy-duty materials such as composite fiberglass to help it withstand demanding tasks and harsh weather conditions.
  • Usability: This surveying-grade tripod is easy to use, with convenient leg rotation capabilities, a kick-out prevention system and a quick clamp lock type to make setup easier. It also extends up to 71 inches so you can adapt it to your project needs.
  • Strength: Whatever equipment you’re carrying, depend on the Tri-Max tripod. It weighs 17 lbs and can handle equipment weighing up to 65 lbs.

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With the Tri-Max tripod, you can handle any surveying job with increased accuracy. Get the equipment you need for effective, convenient work at any job site. You can be confident in getting accurate readings with the stability and performance of this tripod. Make your job safer and more efficient while getting more accurate results when you order the Crain Tri-Max Standard Quick Clamp Tripod.


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